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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-19-12

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Matt Miller stepping up as a leader

Miller spoke about the play in the Miami (OH) game where he caught a pass and proceeded to run a guy over. The play came on the ensuing drive after Miami had taken the lead. He said he figured the offense needed a little spark. 6 plays later Boise State scored to take the lead for good. It's good to hear that Miller is taking the reigns a little.

Jeff Choate disagrees with Idaho's scheduling strategy

Former Boise State special teams coach and current Washington State assistant Jeff Choate spoke to a local paper about how he is liking his new position. Somehow the conversation turned to Idaho and Choate expressed his concern over scheduling games where Idaho knows it will get beat for a paycheck and that Idaho should go to the FCS. The link above might not work as the paper's site seems to have gone down momentarily, but Akey was asked about Choate's comments which are quoted and responded in a very Akey way. He said that his first response is that Coach Choate should worry about his responsibilities at WSU. We're still waiting for his second response.

NFL Films president Steve Sabol passes away from cancer

I'm sure many of us have fond memories of watching old NFL Films tapes about the past. Sabol and his father were pioneers in the industry and gave us some of the things we now take for granted like blooper reels and miking players up. Sabol was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame for his work.