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Power Ranking the Week...3

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Okay, here's what we know after three weeks of college football. Top 5 teams are much better than mediocre FCS squads. Lane Kiffin is 12-7 in Pac-12 games over the last 2+ years, and USC was the first team to fall from the top of the standings after losing to Stanford this past weekend. If I were to rank those at the top, bottom, and side to side; here's how I'd have it.


Top 5


No. 1. Stanford

Matt Barkley may think they only deserve No. 2, but they beat the #2 team in the country, so that makes them number one, right? Running back Stepfan Taylor could've just played himself into the Heisman race after shouldering the load in the team's win over USC.

No. 2. Florida State

(69-3, 55-0, 52-0) who cares if they've played the #212 ranked schedule in the country, they've scored like a half a million points already! They'll be tested this weekend against #10 Clemson.

No. 3. Alabama

They've played pretty good, and I'll give them credit where credit is due. They've beaten 3 FBS teams, including AP# 18 Michigan. They'll be a heavy (literally and figuratively) favorite vs. Florida Atlantic on Saturday.

No. 4. Notre Dame

They just beat a top 10 team, so as much as I hate myself for doing this, I have to rank them here. If they beat #18 Michigan, they will jump Alabama in my mind (but nobody else's probably.) I'll be impressed if they can knock off ranked teams in consecutive weeks.

No. 5. Ohio

They're 3-0, and have played a tougher schedule so far than LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Florida State, TCU, Oregon, Ohio State, West Virginia, Kansas State, Georgia, etc. So they get my nod as #5. Don't worry about the BCS stuff now though, because they'll lose, eventually. Ball State, Toledo, and NIU are are probably just as good if not better than the Bobcats, but they get my vote this week because I don't like any of those other teams.


Mop 5


No. 1. Utah Fans

Rushing the field (x3) when you shouldn't have, Bronco Mendenhall almost having to go Lagarrette Blount on a dude in suspenders, taunting opposing players, they sound almost like Nevada fans...Hey Utah, you lost to Utah State, get over yourselves.

No. 2. Idaho Offense

Worst output per game in FBS at 269 yards/game. It seems they're the ones getting vandalized.

3. Colorado

Are they chanting for Hawkin's return yet? Maybe this is just an intramural team that somehow got on the schedule of Fresno, Sacramento State, and Colorado State. They play the Pac-12 Toilet Bowl this Saturday in Pullman.

4. UNLV/Wyoming

Granted, 4 out of their combined 6 losses were by 3 or fewer points, you can't excuse the horrendous play by the MWC bottom-feeders (including 2 losses to FCS teams.)

5. Houston Replacing Case Keenum

Houston QB David Piland threw 5 INTs over the weekend against UCLA, helping him lead the country in that statistical category through 3 games (of which, Houston has lost all 3). Welcome to the Big East.


Palouse 5


No. 1. Washington State(FBS)

Washington State has a winning record! Unfortunately for them, they start Pac-12 play soon.

2. Eastern Washington (FCS)

Ranked No. 10 in FCS...beat Idaho and lost by 4 @ WSU.

3. Mead High (Spokane) (4A)

Home to Notre Dame bound TE Danny Mattingly and undecided division one recruit DE Langston Ward.

4. Coeur D'Alene High School (5A)

Fell in the Maxpreps rankings to number two in Idaho after a loss to #1 team in the state of Washington (Skyline.)

5. Idaho (FBS)

Put up more points (14) against LSU on the road than they did at home vs EWU (3), so they're getting better? They're ranked behind 30 FCS teams in Sagarin's composite rankings.


Abuse 5


No. 1. Oklahoma State

After a karma filled loss to Arizona following their blowout 84 point win over Savannah State, they go back to their blowout ways and put up 65 on Louisiana Lafayette.

No. 2. Florida State

176-3...that's their tally through 3 games. I think Clemson may have something to say about that.

No. 3. Louisiana Tech

How do you win your first two games with the 121st scoring defense? You have the #3 scoring offense...The Bulldogs have scored 56 in each of their first two games.

No. 4. Texas Tech

151 points through three games. 40 second half points vs. Northwestern State and Texas State. Why do you need to put up 17 in the fourth quarter against NWSU? Style!

No. 5. Georgia Tech

Versus the Presbyterian Blue Hose (What kind of mascot is that?) GT ran for 469 yards, passed for 243, and scored 35 of their 59 points in the second half. They drubbed Virginia with nearly the same rushing output and put 56 on the board.


Do you feel I rated Idaho too high? Is Stanford just a one-game wonder? Is Alabama all that is football and all that is football is Alabama? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.