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Boise State Game Balls vs. Miami (OH)

If you haven't heard, Boise State has a pretty good football team this year. After a win at home against Miami (not FL) the Broncos are back in the top 25, they have the ability to run the football, and can pass too! The defense is disruptive and back to its old self. The offense was well balanced (roughly 300 on the ground, 300 in the air.) Game balls are easy to hand out in games like these. Here they are!

Game Ball for Offensive Performance: D.J. Harper


He had himself a great game. His final stats included 162 yards rushing on 16 carries for 3 touchdowns and a beautiful 21 yard touchdown reception in the back of the endzone. I’m not going to lie, on the first play he broke out to the outside and slipped when cutting, I was a bit scared that he hurt a knee again...but he jumped right back up and was cutting like mad the rest of the day.

Game Ball for Redeeming Selves: Offensive Line


After letting the MSU defense hang out in the backfield the first game, the O-line was back with avengence on Saturday. They allowed zero sacks and helped the Bronco stable of runners to gain 300 yards on the ground. We also got to see into the future with Odhiambo and Henry...This offensive line will be solid not just for the rest of the season, but for years to come.

Game Ball for Growing Up: Jack Fields


After getting only one carry against Michigan State, people were unsure about where Fields would fit in. Would Jay Ajayi take his spot in relief of Harper? Would Drew Wright get more carries? After running for 49 yards on 13 carries, those questions were answered early on Saturday afternoon. He seemed to be learning more as the game went on before our eyes, after each carry going to the sideline and soaking in knowledge from the coaching staff. Then he had that inopportune fumble deep in BSU territory. He’ll learn from that one, and I think we all saw that this youngster has some serious potential. On an unrelated note, I need to hit the weight room, because according to the announcing crew 195 lbs is considered small...Jack Fields, for the record (or at least to help my self esteem) is not small.

Game Ball for Saks: Mr. 5th Avenue, Demarcus Lawrence


It never really hit me until this game that the Big D is only a sophomore. He’s going to be really good. Let’s hope he sticks around for the next three years because his play on Saturday was impressive, including two highly athletic sacks on the quarterback. He was making Miami O-lineman look like Raggedy Ann dolls in the process.

Game ball for making everyone happy: Joe Southwick


The Joe Southwick hopefulls were happy to see Joe Southwick throw for 300 yards and 3 TDs. He also kept the boo birds happy by throwing a "what the heck was that interception." I like to think he threw that one just to make those fans happy, wanting to please everyone. After throwing one away over the head out of bounds a while later, you could clearly hear the boos over the tv airwaves. Joe showed a lot of poise, came back, proved people wrong, got a lot better, and settled in as the game went on.

Game Ball for Tackling Form: Bryan Douglas


He wore the one jersey impressively, and showed he is a force to be reckoned with. When the Miami offense tried to test him with a quick WR screen, he reacted lighting fast and was in the receivers grill when the ball arrived. As they used to say, he displayed a rump-over-tea-kettle aggressiveness. To be fair, Zac Dysert probably deserves an assist for this game ball. Most of his throws on the night were Roethlisbergeresque bullets, but this one was a soft rainbow served up so his teammate could be destroyed.


Which game balls did I miss? Let me know below. Should Matt Miller have earned one with 7 receptions and for being his awesome self? Did you feel Aaron Burks (hello deep threat) broke out in this game and deserved one for that? What about the new Wild Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone offense? What do you think? Feel free to express it, or anything else in the comments below.