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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-17-12

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Boise State climbs back into AP Top 25

They sit at no. 24 just behind 3-0 Mississippi State and 1-1 Nebraska. The USA Today poll still has them sitting at no. 27 preferring to keep one loss teams like Wisconsin, Oklahoma State and Nebraska in the poll instead of Boise State.

Coach Pete press conference today

Boise State will be streaming his press conference live 1 p.m. mountain time today. After a more Boise-State-esque performance on Saturday, I expect it to be a somewhat vanilla press conference. Maybe he'll take an unexpected shot at Bronco Mendenhall just to spice things up!

Jeron Johnson scores on blocked kick for the Seahawks

Jeron continues to work hard for the Seahawks as a special teams player and made the most of it yesterday after a blocked punt. Congrats to him!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to OBNUG reader polynikes57!