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Game Thoughts- Miami (OH) Edition

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We finally got a chance to see our beloved Broncos on our own turf. We have alot of ground to cover. Lets get to it.

Our defense took the field first and let the Red Hawks try their luck. The Red Hawks were without wide receiver Nick Harwell, for reasons un-beknownest to hatemay, but still stuck to their game plan... for the most part. Our defense held Miami down for most of the afternoon. Our offense got things going after a skittish start. What won the day for the Broncos was our rushing attack and balance play calling, and a solid defensive effort.

Our running backs starred for the Broncos. DJ Harper led the attack with 162 yards as our team rushed for a combined 295 yards. Behind that statistic was the variety of ways and people who gained those yards. Shane Williams-Rhodes gained 23 yards through the fly sweep, Mitch Burroughs had one reverse, Chris Potter led a wild potter attack, and other backs Drew Wright and Jack Fields had meaningful action. This rushing attack chipped away at the Red Hawk defense and kept them guessing where the next run would come from.

Joe Southwick was effective. This was helped out in large part by our successful running game. He made a mistake in the red zone which he cannot make this Thursday, but he was making accurate reads, delivering good passes, and hit nine different receivers. Southwick finished with a touch over 300 yards, and two touchdowns. What impressed me with Southwick and our play calling was that we took what the defense gave us. There were plays that the Red Hawk secondary played off our wide receivers and we kept it simple with a slant, hitch or out route for 5+ yards. This will be something we must do against the un-orthadox defense of BYU...I will touch on that later in the week. Much credit goes to our offensive line for opening so many holes along the offensive line, and for not allowing a sack against Miami.

Our defense played very well. We showed some signs of vulnerability at times in the running game. We kept to 49 yards of rushing but we could have stopped some guys earlier then when we finally brought them down. Our defense held Miami down and in the end relegated them to simply two effective plays: the tight end over the middle for 8 yards, and the sprint out to the right hitting the receiver for a 3 yard out. Also mix in the occasional bubble screen, but that was it for Miami. We did what we needed to do in order to win. We got to Dysert, for four sacks if I am not mistaken, and we did mix up some looks in our secondary. We did on occasion move Sam Ukwuachu out to the slot receiver and him jam the receiver and stay in coverage. Some may recall that resulted in near pick on the first play by J.C. Percy. I expect us to do some of that with BYU.

The defensive effort was good, not great, but we have some great things to build on. Notice Ricky Tjong-a-Tjoe was not playing and was not seen on the sidelines in street clothes. Rumor has it that he was suspended for one game for violating team rules, but that is not confirmed. Jake Broyles did not get one snap in the game, and Joe Kellog was pulled early in the 4th quarter.

I liked what I saw as a whole, we still have a lot to work on, but I am pleased that we made a noticeable improvement in almost every possible aspect of the game. We have a short week ahead of us, so expect my keys to the game sometime Wednesday.