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Keys To The Game- Miami (OH) Edition

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Okay, we started the season 0-1. If any of you listen to KTIK you will hear all of Cro-Magnon man's relatives call in and say the sky is falling. They don't know what they are talking about, they are not coach Pete, they are not at practice. Don't listen to that kind of garbage. Lets get to the breakdown and keys to victory for Miami (OH).

Miami of Ohio plays a different style of offense that what we saw in E. Lansing. They aren't a Mike Leach or June Jones pass happy offense but they come close. The Red Hawks average 54 yards rushing a game, and even though we gave up 210 rushing to LaVeon Bell in week one, that will not give Miami any incentive to run the ball. The Red Hawks are lead by 4th year starter at quarterback Zac Dysert. If a quarterback is going on his 4th year as a starter, there is one thing he won't do a lot of.... and that is hand the ball off. A bum could hand the ball off, they want him throwing the ball, and they will do just that.

I will break down some of the keys of what Boise must do to win the game and also point out what Miami OH must do to win the game.

Offensively we must establish the run. Devotees will remember that I say this almost every article. And I usually do. Our offense is based off of productive running and play action. An inexperienced quarterback's best friend is a solid running game. And we need that to help boost Southwick's confidence as we move towards more non-conference opponents. We need our backfield to produce no fewer than 150 yards rushing this game.

Joe Southwick must improve his numbers from the last contest. He needs to have a completion percentage of 60 percent and must have 220 yards or better through the air. With those numbers, Matt Miller must get some good looks. Michigan State did a good job of covering Miller, and this week the defensive competition won't be so stiff, so Miller must get plenty of looks.

Spread the ball. The days of Kellen Moore are gone. It was special to see a quarterback complete passes to 9-11 receivers per game. I would like to see Southwick complete passes to six broncos this game.

Defensively we must get after Zac Dysert. As I said before, Dysert has experience, and we can't allow an experienced quarterback get momentum in the passing game. College football fans have seen what happens when a gunslinger gets comfortable, crazy things happen. We must sack Dysert at least three times. If we are sacking him that much then we are getting hits and flushing him from the pocket often.

We cannot let Dysert throw for more than 240 yards. For an offense that only rushes for an average of 54 yards, allowing 240 through the air would only add up to 290 yards. I would be okay with allowing less than 300 yards of total offense.

Keys for Miami (OH) if they are to beat us. Look no further than the MSU game. Load the box and stop the run. Make Southwick beat their defense. As I said for MSU, make Southwick throw early to run, and run late to throw. At times he could complete passes and others he couldn't, and at no time could we run the ball.

Miam (OH) must score on their first two possessions. Going into a hostile crowd and scoring twice gives tremendous confidence. And from my standpoint, if they can score on their first two possessions why not score on a lot more.....We need to stop their passing attack.

Miami (OH) needs to force turnovers, and probably score on one of them. We saw what the pick 6 did for us last game, that can keep a struggling team in a game on the road.

I am confident this is a winnable game. By winnable I don't mean a scratch and claw to a victory type of a game, but a game that we win in somewhat comfortable fashion. I see this as a game that our team comes out and makes a statement. Look for guys like DeMarcus Lawrence and Dextrell Simmons to bring lots of pain on the defensive side of the ball. My prediction is we run the ball much better, get some offensive momentum against a team that doesn't have much of a defense, and still make a few mistakes yet win the game. 35-17 Boise.