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Five questions with MAC blog Hustle Belt

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MAC team blogs are few and far between, which makes the existence of SB Nation's Hustle Belt so extraordinary. Not only is it a fabulously-written, highly-entertaining college sports hub, it's a hub about the MAC - and therefore, sometimes, about Miami (OH). Curated lovingly by former Deadspin contributor and all-around great person Matt Sussman, Hustle Belt is your to-go source for MAC news, whenever it is that you may need MAC news. I needed some this week. Here is what I got.


The interview

1. If Miami (OH)'s season-to-date was a book, what book would it be and why?

Well let's see ... a book where the main character is beat up by a bigger person (Ohio State) then takes it out on someone smaller (Southern Illinois). I'd say that's pretty much Lord of the Flies.

2. The RedHawks team is ranked No. 101 in total offense and No. 92 in total defense. Is this too high, too low, or just right?

Much of that is residue from the OSU game, where they looked terrible. I'd like to think they'll crawl up somewhere in the 70-80 range on either or both, although perhaps not after this game.

3. If you could pick any three people - literally anyone - to join Miami (OH), who would you choose?

Well, Paul Rudd's in everything, so we'll make him the special teams coach. Then I'll go with Tate Forcier, because they need a third-string quarterback, then Brad Wing, y'know, to improve their punting.

Optional: If you could pick any three people to watch the game with you, who would you choose?

Joel, Tom Servo, Crow

4. Name three keys to victory for Miami (OH). Name one key to certain defeat.

Big days from Zac Dysert and Nick Harwell, obviously. Fellow wide receivers Dawan Scott and Andy Cruse also need to get involved. And they've improved already from last year, but that O-line needs to run block and keep Dysert on his feet. But defensively, if they allow The Big Run, especially more than one of them, then that's it. I mean, jeez, just everybody has to play remarkable games. It sounds so simple, boiled down into one paragraph!

5. On a scale of beverages, with V8 juice being "not at all" and cherry Dr. Pepper being "supremely", how confident are you that Miami (OH) will win on Saturday?

BONUS: Word association.

Kellen Moore.

An argument for never graduating college.

Blue turf.

You guys should book Eiffel 65 for a halftime concert.

Zac Dysert.

Great hair.

Zac Dysert's magnificent hair. #MACFBDAY on Twitpic

Zac Efron.

Terrible quarterback.

Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl.

Really, I always think about an actual menu item, a pizza bowl, which is something they need to work on.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Dogs in birthday hats.

Did you know UMass joined the MAC this year?


The blog bet

Since Hustle Belt claims all MAC teams as its own and is not dyed-in-the-wool for Miami and Miami alone, I passed on a blog bet this week. But take hope, Bronco friends. SB Nation has a BYU blog that I will be more than happy to coerce into accepting a blog bet next week, even if it takes being very vague about the rules and what it is that the BY-bloggers are agreeing to.

Best of luck to Hustle Belt and the RedHawks, and we're coming for you, BYU blog.

Your turn

What did you learn from Hustle Belt's interview? Zac Dysert does have great hair, doesn't he? Share your thoughts in the comments.