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A Boise State Fan's Week Three Rooting Guide

Games that impact the Broncos

Despite Boise State being just outside both AP and Coaches Polls, the Broncos can mostly control their destiny in winning the conference, placing themselves in the lucrative MAACO Bowl, and garnishing respect of national writers, ESPN analysts, and SEC fans. Getting into a BCS bowl, however, depends on other teams doing more than playing poorly; they need to lose.

The following is a complete "who to cheer for" guide for the avid Bronco fan who wants to eat oranges, tortilla chips, or sugar cane.

Boise State's opponents need to win

Week 2 review: Kevan's College football scoreboard covered most of the bases on how Boise State's opponents fared last week. BYU also rolled Weber State, Wyoming lost the 2nd half to Bowling Green, and Fresno State was down to Oregon 35-3 before scoring points against their 2nd team. So far, Boise State's opponents are sub-.500 in wins with only a win percentage of 45.5%

Week 3 opponent schedules: There are two big games on our opponents' schedule in Notre Dame vs. Michigan State and BYU vs. Utah. However, there are also 5 games played against Div 1-AA teams (yes, I'm including San Jose State with them).


7:00 PM Washington State at UNLV ESPN - So you're saying there's a chance?! Coach Leach notched his first win since returning to college football, but only just barely at home against Eastern Washington. Sadly, UNLV would probably have lost to EWU.


6:00 PM No. 20 Notre Dame at No. 10 Michigan State ABC - Not only would a Michigan State win help the Broncos in perception, but it would also knock Notre Dame behind Boise State in the rankings (theoretically. I mean, Notre Dame played a "different" Michigan State, right?)

2:00 PM Miami (OH) at Boise State NBC Sports Network - Why would you be thinking anything else?

8:00 PM No. 25 Brigham Young at Utah ESPN2 - So Utah lost to Utah State, which was nice. Some of you wanted Utah to help BYU's-then-our SOS argument, but wanted Utah to lose because they left us for the PAC-12 (which is wrong, they left the MWC pre-Boise State which opened a spot for us). This will be BYU's first litmus test once we found out Wazzu was still Wazzu. Sadly, I'm calling the upset on this one.

5:00 PM New Mexico at Texas Tech - Yes, you have permission to dream on this one.

1:30 PM East Carolina at Southern Miss CBS Sports Network - East Carolina has been all sorts of bad, so if Southern Miss doesn't win this game, we'll know where they stand.

6:00 PM Colorado at Fresno State CBS Sports Network - Colorado should lose to Fresno State, but mostly because Pat Hill isn't there to Pat-Hill-it-up.

4:00 PM Cal Poly at Wyoming

6:00 PM North Dakota at San Diego State

10:00 PM Lamar at Hawaii

6:00 PM Colorado State at San Jose State ESPN3 - This could get ugly. So check the box score at halftime to see if you should watch the rest of the game or sob at how ridiculous the bottom our our league is.

5:05 PM Northwestern State at Nevada

* All times are Mountain Standard Time

Teams ranked ahead of Boise State

Boise didn't survive the tough gauntlet of a Bye week, so they dropped out of the Coaches Poll, leaving us unranked for the first time since 2007 or something. First the home-game winning streak and now this?! What else is there to root for? Oh, right. Watching other people fall out of the polls, too!


1:30 PM No. 1 Alabama at Arkansas CBS - I have mixed feelings about this. We all want Alabama to lose, but while the AP poll doesn't have Arkansas ranked, they're listed right behind Boise State and would easily jump us with a win. And the coaches/SID's don't watch football enough to know that Arkansas lost to ULM last week (and only one of them ranked ULM at all). And Alabama losing won't open a spot at the BCS for Boise State.

5:30 PM No. 2 USC at No. 21 Stanford FOX - While we could use the same reasoning to cheer for USC this weekend, Stanford is more likely to trip over themselves in the weeks to come. A loss to USC and sub-sequential choas in the PAC-12 title game race could open a spot in the BCS. It's best just to hope for a PAC-12 team stay out of the title game and send one team to a BCS bowl (the Rose).

6:00 PM Idaho at No. 3 LSU ESPN3 - Great job, LSU! Despite being ranked high and being from the SEC, you will skip the ire of Boise State fans because of who you play. However, should you be impressed with your opponent, you can alwaysadd anotherr Kentucky-esque team to your league.

1:00 PM Tennessee Tech at No. 4 Oregon Pac-12 Network - Don't bet on it.

No. 5 Oklahoma - BYE - Boise State lost to a Bye week. Will Oklahoma suffer the same fate?

10:00 AM Wake Forest at No. 5 Florida State ESPN

5:30 PM Florida Atlantic at No. 7 Georgia ESPN3

5:00 PM UAB at No. 8 South Carolina ESPN3

2:30 PM James Madison vs. No. 9 West Virginia* - Played at FedEx filed ... hey, we've played there once! Wait .. James Madison? What the--

1:00 PM Furman at No. 11 Clemson ESPN3

10:00 AM California at No. 12 Ohio State ABC - Surprise, surprise. A 10 am game that we may actually want to watch! A Cal win would give more credibility to Nevada's win over them.

10:00 AM No. 13 Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh - ESPNU

7:15 PM No. 14 Texas at Ole Miss Ranked Texas .. SEC? Ranked Texas .. SEC? I'm going with SEC for now...

5:00 PM North Texas at No. 15 Kansas State

10:00 AM No. 16 TCU at Kansas FX

1:30 PM Massachusetts at No. 17 Michigan Big Ten Network

4:00 PM No. 18 Florida at No. 23 Tennessee ESPN - Should be a good game to watch. You can pick whichever team you're like to lose. If we're lucky, maybe both of them will. However, you could also take a blog page from Kevan's Adopt-A-Team idea and cheer for the "Orange and Blue."

1:30 PM North Carolina at No. 19 Louisville ABC or ESPN2 - Louisville still stands as the highest ranked Big East team representing the lowest ranked BCS AQ conference.

8:30 PM Houston at No. 22 UCLA

8:30 PM South Carolina State at No. 24 Arizona

Opponent's opponents

Week 2 review: The overall win percentage for the opponents of our opponents climbed from 54% to 61% over this week.

Week 3: Again, here is the list of our opponent's opponents to help you cheering along with scoreboard watching:



Central Michigan


Colorado (x2) - Do not root for: Playing Fresno State this week.

Eastern Michigan

East Carolina - Do not root for: Playing Southern Miss this week.

Georgia Tech

Idaho (x2) - Do not root for: Ever.

Louisiana Tech




New Mexico State (x2)

Notre Dame (x2) - Do not root for: Playing Michigan State this week

Ohio State


Oregon State

San Jose State (x3) - Do not root for: Playing Colorado State this week.

South Alabama

South Florida

Texas (x3)

Texas State

Texas Tech - Do not root for: Playing New Mexico this week.




Utah - Do not root for: Playing BYU this week.

Utah State (x3)


Washington State (x2) - Do not root for: Playing UNLV this week.

Western Kentucky

Cal Poly - Do not root for: Playing Wyoming this week.

Lamar - Do not root for: Playing Hawaii this week.

North Dakota - Do not root for: Playing San Diego State this week.

North Dakota State

Northern Arizona

Northwestern State - Do not root for: Playing Nevada this week.

Southern Illinois

Southern University

Weber State (x2)

Author's note: -- Holy crap Chrome almost ate my article --

Other games to watch


5:30pm Rutgers at South Florida ESPN - I've always been a fan of Coach Greg Schiano, which is good he's not at Rutgers anymore. I'm leaning toward South Florida, however, as they have more potential to provide offensive fireworks for tonight's game. Rutgers is doing fine this year, but hasn't yet found their footing.


5:00pm Arizona State at Missouri ESPN2 - Arizona State is off to a good start with it's new coach while Missouri is off to a bad start in the SEC. Missouri is the evil of college football alignment, gaining entrance to the SEC only because of it's media market. Die, Tigers, die.

6:00pm Utah State at Wisconsin Big Ten Network - Perhaps the hidden game of the week here. Utah State is coming off it's upset win over Utah, but that was in Logan. Wisconsin has been sputtering since week 1, almost losing to a Div 1-AA squad and losing last week to Oregon State. I would still be shocked if Utah State doesn't pull and Utah State and lose the game in the 4th quarter, but would be very happy to see them knock off Big Ten Bielema.

Future Big East members

Week 2 review: You know, I don't care where Notre Dame goes in basketball, football, etc. In fact, I like to see them lose no matter where they are. So I'm not hurt that they're bailing on the Big East. However, I'd like to think they would have had more success than what the conference will be soon. I had high hopes the future Big East would rival the ACC, but with only two weeks gone, it's not looking very hot. The soon-to-be league has a win percentage of 55%, which isn't that bad. But most of the wins are coming from current Big East teams. Next years additions and Temple have amounted to a record of 3-8. Yuck.

Week 3:


5:30 PM Rutgers at South Florida ESPN


10:30 AM Connecticut at Maryland ESPN3

1:30 PM Texas A&M at Southern Methodist

1:30 PM Navy at Penn State ABC/ESPN2 - Yes, Penn State is still getting prime ESPN coverage. Some sanctions, huh?

1:30 PM North Carolina at No. 19 Louisville ABC/ESPN2 - (We talked about this earlier in the article)

5:00 PM Middle Tennessee at Memphis

5:00 PM Delaware State at Cincinnati

8:30 PM Houston at No. 22 UCLA

Happy cheering! Cheery rooting! Root beering!