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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-12-12

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Bryan Douglas had to earn the right to wear no. 1

In the off season, Coach Pete challenged Douglas to step up and he has responded in all areas including academics. Now he's joined Kyle Wilson and Titus Young as the next player to wear no. 1. No one wore it last year after Young graduated, but Coach Pete decided to award it to Douglas this year. I love that he is using the no. 1 jersey as a motivational tool.

Tackling a focus in bye week

Overall the defense played pretty well against Michigan State with the exception of missed tackles that allowed the Spartans to convert 10 of 19 third downs. Coach Pete also said that Southwick needs to make better decisions. My guess is that he wasn't aggressive enough and played too conservatively. What do you think?

Kevan's BlogPoll garners some attention for it's first place vote of Ohio State

In case you missed it, Kevan's outside of the box polling strategy for this week used wins against FBS teams plus APR scores. Well that resulted in Ohio State getting a first place vote. That raised some eyebrows across the BlogPollosphere.

Tickets still available for Saturdays game against Miami (OH)

With the new bleachers installed in the end zones, capacity has gone up at Bronco Stadium. That means more tickets are available. I'm not sure how many are left exactly, but you can still purchase them online.