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Where Boise State stands in this week's polls

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Poll watching is college football's scoreboard-watching cousin, and it may matter more to Bronco fans this year than usual. If Boise State hopes to make a BCS bowl, the Broncos must win out (easier said than done) and get some help in the polls (neither easy to say nor easy to do).

Let this serve as your weekly update on where Boise State stands. I've tried to include the most relevant and interesting of polls. If there's one I missed - your personal one with BSU No. 1 perhaps - let me know in the comments.

Poll Rank Prev UP/DWN
BCS Available October 21
Coaches 26 25 ▼ 1
Harris Available October 14
AP 26 26 ---
Chadd Cripe 24 24 ▲ 3
BlogPoll 32 30 ▼ 2
Sagarin 17 5 ▼ 12
Billingsley 11 11 ---
Kenneth Massey 7 8 ▲ 1
Colley Matrix 111 84 ▼ 27
Anderson Hester Available October 14
Wolfe Available October 14
Simulated BCS 25 22 ▼ 3

This is what the polls are: BCS rankings (two humans and a compendium of computers), USA Today Coaches' Poll (college football coaches and interns of coaches), Harris Poll (somewhat important people somewhat associated with college football), AP Top 25 (media), Chadd Cripe (Idaho Statesman reporter), SB Nation Blogpoll (bloggers), Sagarin Ratings w/ ELO_CHESS (computer), Billingsley (computer), Kenneth Massey (computer), Anderson and Hester (computer), Colley Matrix (computer), Peter Wolfe (computer), and simulated BCS (via SB Nation's Samuel Chi).

Poll notes

Don't read too much into the Colley Matrix, or any computer poll really. It is too early for computer formulas to work in a sensible way, which is probably why the Anderson Hesters and Wolfes wait until later on in the year. No. 111? Funny joke.

Boise State is No. 10 in Jeff Sagarin's composite rankings - a mesh of his ELO_CHESS and predictor polls. I included the ELO in the above table since that is the one he submits to the BCS and is, therefore, important.

South Carolina newspaper man Josh Kendall has Boise State at No. 11 - easily the highest ranking of any human in the country. He has Michigan State at No. 5 (the highest Spartan ranking), which might explain things.

The BlogPoll - America's bloggiest (and smartest?) poll

Note: The OBNUG entry in the BlogPoll did not necessarily help with this final Top 25.