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Audio and highlights from Chris Petersen's press conference

Boise State coach Chris Petersen took to the podium yesterday afternoon for his weekly press conference, regaling the media with tales of how the Broncos need to get better, how by weeks are long, and how teachers teach learning. The full audio is above. Highlights are below. Your comments are in the comments.

  • Petersen on the Boise State offensive line: "We were not nearly good enough on the O-line. D.J. hardly had a chance."
  • Like you and I probably noticed and Petersen confirmed, the Broncos had their opportunities against Michigan State and simply failed to capitalize. Per Pete, in big games like that, the margin for error is slim to none, and Boise State's errors were slightly more than slim.
  • Whenever I need a perfect summation of my feelings on Joe Southwick, I turn to Chris Petersen who has this Southwick guy pegged pretty perfectly. I couldn't have said this better myself:

    "He’s just got to get better," Petersen said. "There are a handful of plays that if we can make at that position, we’ll win the game. I’ve been around a lot of pretty good players. Some can make them and some can’t. You don’t expect to make them all; guys have to help him out. But it was just one of those games that the margin for error is so slim that you’ve got to make a couple plays."
  • One of the main focuses on the bye week was better tackling, which should improve dramatically on Saturday since Le'Veon Bell will not be dragging piles of people around.
  • Get the ball to Jack Fields! said Chris Petersen. OK! said Bronco fans like me.
  • When asked about injuries, Petersen basically said he will not be releasing injury information this year unless it is a long-term injury so don't bother asking, Brian Murphy.
  • The Broncos are wary of Miami (OH) quarterback Zac Dysert and his brain.
  • RE: Shane Williams-Rhodes' dropped catch and fumble, Petersen had a conversation with Williams-Rhodes about that very thing - be careful with backwards passes - during build-up to the game. Surprising then that Coach Pete didn't do more of a Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines.
  • In response to a question from Paul J. about Joe Southwick running for first downs (when to slide and when to dive), Petersen responded with a bit of education theory: The Four Laws of Learning. The laws go like this: Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation, Repetition. The more you know ...
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