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Who finishes behind Matt Miller in receptions?

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Throwing the football is an inherent part of any Boise State offense, regardless of who is throwing. Footballs will be in the air, and people will be catching them - people like Matt Miller. We know that Miller is the clear receiving star of this year's Bronco football team, so who is his sidekick?

Who will finish second to Matt Miller in receptions this season?

The list of candidates is deep and wide, and I'll list three potential possibilities after the jump. You can vote in the poll and answer for yourself in the comments. Whoever the No. 2 WR is going to be, let's hope we all have him on our fantasy teams!

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The obvious answer is Mitch Burroughs, duh!

Burroughs has a lot of things going for him: He is an experienced senior who runs good routes, finds ways to get open, and is an integral part of the Bronco offensive gameplan (think: screens, hitches, etc.). Bonus: He is the No. 2 receiver on this team, so he will be on the field a lot. This discussion is over. Right?

Do not sleep on Gabe Linehan, neither figuratively nor literally

A quarterback's best friend is a tight end who is open all the time, and Linehan is mostly that. He is the quintessential Bronco receiving tight end, and he is poised for a breakout year - not breaking out as much as Matt Miller, but breaking out enough to be the team's No. 2 receiver, catches-wise.

What about D.J. Harper?

If we were talking about yards or touchdowns, then Harper would probably not be in the receiving discussion. But pure receptions? You have to consider the running back. He is a safety outlet and a screen machine; Harper will be in more pass patterns collectively than pretty much anyone other than Miller and (maybe) Burroughs. Doug Martin had 28 catches last year. Think Harper could top that?