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Bronco Football Almanac 2012: The best (only?) Boise State season preview book you will read

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The world may have enough books about history and philosophy and feelings-addled vampires, but it most definitely does not have enough books about the 2012 Boise State football team. So I wrote one.

Bronco Football Almanac 2012 contains my thoughts, opinions, ideas, and doodles about this year's Boise State football team. You can pick up a paper copy at Amazon and an electronic copy for your Kindle. It will be in the iBookstore and Nook store eventually, once I figure out what those are exactly.

All proceeds from the book go to cancer research, so in a roundabout way, you could say that the Boise State football team is curing cancer. That's what I've been telling people at least.

Here is what the book contains:

A choose-your-own-adventure story about the 2012 Boise State football season, spanning 108 pages with 21 different endings.

A foreword by former Boise State football reporter and wordsmith extraordinaire Dustin Lapray. Here is a sample:

Keep climbing ye stately steeds!

Position previews

Mountain West team previews

A handful of favorite posts that appeared on OBNUG this offseason

A blog bet archive, featuring five of the best blog bets. Yes, the epic Oregon one is included.

Cover artwork by the enormously talented Drew Roberts

Again, the book is now available on Amazon, and all the profits go toward beating cancer. I would be honored if you bought a copy and told me your thoughts. It is my first book-publishing experience (they will literally let anyone publish a book these days, per Amazon policy), so I hope it looks and feels right. If nothing else, the Amazon marketplace is a little more blue and orange this morning, and that is never a bad thing.

Go Broncos!

P.s. Here's an excerpt from the position preview section. There's more snark where this came from. (The zoom tool is at the bottom if you need to bump up the text size.)Bronco Football Almanac 2012 excerpt - QB Preview