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Highlights from Boise State's first weekend of fall football practice


Boise State fall practice began on Saturday, and the answer to the question on everyone's minds - How did the quarterbacks look? - was a resounding "beeswax, none of yours." Practice reports are once again on lockdown, meaning we will have to make our rash judgments and hasty generalizations in person at the spring game on August 18. Until then, these are the camp highlights we are allowed to have.

Mike Atkinson making noise, forcing fumbles

The leader of Boise State's defensive line led his way into the backfield on a couple of occasions, resulting in a pair of sacks and a forced fumble. His stellar play has been noticed by the assembled media and, I presume, the assembled wealthy football donors. Any time you are a defensive tackle and are getting noticed, you have to be doing something right (either that or you're doing something really wrong).

True freshman Shane Williams-Rhodes draws oohs and aahs and other assorted noises

The most notable thing about Williams-Rhodes prior to the start of practice was that he is wearing Kellen Moore's No. 11. The gall! But all is forgiven and forgotten after a pair of newcomer practices where he has stood out for his excellence in making defenders look silly. On Sunday, he juked a would-be tackler after the catch and took off down the sideline to the delight of Boise State's upper classmen.

Other notable notables

Coach Pete names a Camper of the Day after each practice, and the first two winners of the award were N Corey Bell and TE Holden Huff. This probably means nothing, but tuck it away in your mind file just in case. Chadd Cripe is a fan of true freshman DE Darien Barrett and senior WR Mitch Burroughs, also FYI.

Jake Van Ginkel is Boise State's last choice for its starting kicker

Brought to the team specifically for the purpose of being its kicker, Van Ginkel will not be that as he will miss fall practice and join the team when school starts later this month. That leaves incumbent kickers Dan Goodale and Michael Frisina and true freshman Sean Wale to sort out who gets to attempt all those 28-yard-and-closer field goals this year. Seriously, 28 yards might be the max.

Coach Pete: "I think we're going to get an accurate gauge of where we feel comfortable and wherever that is we'll kick field goals from there. And if it's very close, it's very close, and we'll go for it from (beyond) there."

No Boise State football player will wear jersey No. 1

The tradition of Kyle Wilson and Titus Young remains unused for the second straight year after everyone was too polite to grab the No. 1 jersey. All the incoming players have their numbers, all the returners are good with theirs, and so we wait for another offseason to get extended use out of the No. 1 hanging in our figurative (but also quite literal) closet.

This is weird

But so worth it for the answer to "What is your favorite animal?"