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Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 4, Jerrell Gavins

Now that the countdown is winding down, I'm perplexed that it won't be ending on the day I'd thought: Thursday. If anyone has enough time to go back and see if we missed a day or just did terrible math, I'd appreciate it. Either way, this game is going to happen and maybe it's better this way as Thursday will be seeing the triumphant return of Know your enemy. It's going to be a fun week on OBNUG, so stick around.

We've got 4 days until today we'll be highlighting #4 on the Boise State roster—Jerrell Gavins

#4, Jerrell Gavins, Senior, CB



Height: 5'9"

Weight: 169 lbs.

High School/College: South Miami Senior High School, Miami, FL / El Camino Junior College, Torrance, CA

How'd he get to The Blue™?

In high school, Gavins was named all-conference honorable mention as a junior and senior after recording a combined 90 tackles and 5 interceptions. As a senior, Gavins also scored eight TDs. At El Camino Junior College, Gavins continued to impress, recording 35 tackles as a freshman on defense and recording two blocked kicks on special teams. Gavins joined the Broncos as a walk-on.




He's a CB, he wears number 4...surely I don't need to spell this out for you.



Actor Frankie Faison

Career highlights

Started first 3 games of 2011 and logged 3 INTs. Saw action in all 13 games of 2010 including a start against San José State. Played in 12 games for the Broncos, with two starts coming against UC Davis and No. 4 TCU. Made 31 tackles for the Broncos as a walk-on sophomore. Also recorded 4 pass breakups and 1.5 tackles for loss.

2012 prospectus

No one (except Gavins) knew that he'd be quite so good last season, when he became 2011's interceptions leader only 3 games into the season. Conversely, no one knew that losing the diminutive CB would be quite so devastating to the team's psyche and pass-defending capabilities. I suppose the saying about clouds and their silver linings comes into play here as Gavins was granted an injury hardship and a subsequent extra year of eligibility and the CBs that were forced into action in his absence got some solid starting experience under their belts. One of Gavins' fill-ins, Lee Hightower, was able to make a name for himself and looks to be the starting free safety this season. So Gavins' 2011 injury exposed the lack of depth in the secondary but also shored up that depth for this season...I guess that's what you'd call a blessing in disguise. But make no mistake—the Broncos needed Gavins last season in the worst way and I'm ecstatic to be getting him back for 2012. When the Broncos take the field in East Lansing this Friday, his experience and playmaking ability will be invaluable—especially if the game ends up being the defensive struggle that I'm predicting it will be. Gavins and yesterday's highlightee, Jamar Taylor, both need to stay healthy this season for the Broncos to be able to execute the defensive game plan they've drawn up...but something tells me that we're better off in the secondary than we were last season, at least at the corner positions. Game one will be a big test, however, and we need our stars ready to go. If Gavins' knee is healthy, I think he can easily put together an all-conference season for the Broncos and again, I'd expect him to lead the team in interceptions. It'd be nice if he'd get pick number one out of the way at Spartan Stadium.

Completely made up fact

Football keeps Gavins in shape for his real love, Chinese Checkers.