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Download a free copy of the Bronco Football Almanac 2012

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First off, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of the Bronco Football Almanac. I can now tell people that I am a published author, and when they ask "Oh? Would I recognize something you've written?" I can slowly back away and then fake a phone call.

With the season starting in one week and with the Bronco Football Almanac being a 200-page season preview, I want to get the book into as many hands as possible. So I'm giving it away.

Download your free copy of the Bronco Football Almanac 2012 e-book. (4.58 MB, .pdf)

T Bronco Football Almanac 2012 pdf
he pdf version of the Footballmanac features full color pages plus just as many typos as the real book. If you are still interested in paying for a copy - either paperback or electronic - there are ways to do that. All proceeds from the book go to cancer research.

The Bronco Football Almanac contains position previews, schedule overviews, Mountain West predictions, blog bets, essays, and more. The meat and potatoes of the book is a 100+-page Choose Your Own Adventure with you serving as head coach of the Boise State football team. Here are eight of the possible 21 outcomes for your coaching story.

  • You finish the season undefeated and take as Michigan's head coach, contingent on churro improvements in Michigan Stadium.
  • OBNUG gets you fired.
  • You buy everyone Subway sandwiches and get the whole team ineligible for the season.
  • You finish 3-9. Butch Otter makes you leave Idaho.
  • David Augusto + Bad decisions.
  • You leave coaching to become a cog in Joe Southwick's Fortune 500 company.
  • You finish 6-7 on the year, Joe Southwick transfers to Idaho State, Nick Patti transfers to College of Idaho.
  • You burn Nick Patti's redshirt but it works out okay when you go undefeated and win the Orange Bowl. The city of Boise resents you when they wish for another year of Nick Patti three years later.

The e-book has all the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure pages linked, so you can easily go back and forth and start over. See how well or how poorly you do, and then try again. There may be a path that takes you to the national championship. This book is clearly fiction!