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Boise State corners and safeties to watch

Boise State's starting cornerbacks could be the finest pair of DBs in the country. The secondary as a whole could end up being one of Boise State's all-time best. No pressure, you guys, but seriously, there are some good players back there. I asked Drew and ce'sped azul to help poing out some corners and safeties to watch. They both pointed at the same person.


Ebo Makinde


Boise State will need a solid third cornerback, not only in case of injury to Jerrell Gavins or Jamar Taylor but also because they will face a vast number of teams that will throw four and five receivers on the field and let them go nuts. Makinde has been on the rise for most of his Bronco career, save for last year's TCU game. If he can quell the injury bug and continue his growth as a top-flight corner, he should be a capable third CB for the Broncos this year, and then a capable first-team CB when Gavins and Taylor graduate the next. (Sorry for bringing that last part up.)


Jeremy Ioane


It seems like we've been waiting a while for the light to go on with Ioane, but the kid's only a redshirt sophomore and now has some solid in-game experience to draw from. We've all seen Ioane's high school highlight tape and most of us feel he can be that scary at this level as well if he stops playing tentative and adds a touch more reckless abandon. Spring Camp looked to be a good step for the Pineapple Express. Plus, I'm looking forward to actually hearing Ioane speak this season.

ce'sped azul:

Jeremy Ioane


Can you believe that Ioane is only a sophomore? After playing in 10 games as a redshirt freshman he hasn't been the Hawaiian highlight reel many fans expected. After only registering 6 tackles on the season and falling behind two seniors on the depth chart (after starting vs. Georgia) I am expecting him to break out this year and become a star while registering upwards of 50 tackles and at least 5 "highlight reel" hits. And by the end of the season - Hawaiian Punch mixed drinks will be the number one tailgating beverage.