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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-21-12


Kicking game focus is on shorter field goals

There's been a renewed focus on the kicking game and it was by design that no field goal over 40 yards was attempted in the scrimmage on Saturday. The coaching staff is putting an emphasis on the shorter field goals and even discourages attempting longer ones on their own since they don't want the kickers to wear out their legs. Longer than 40 yards? Petersen plans to go for it.

Matt Hayes not believing that Boise State will take a step back

Sounds like Matt spent some time with Chris Petersen and now he realizes what makes Petersen so special. Petersen kept diverting questions to who the next quarterback would be to saying he doesn't even know who the long snapper is going to be, although that's not quite correct.

Michigan State has something to prove this season

They're trying to get to the Rose Bowl and rise above the Big 10 powers of Ohio State and Michigan. They aren't overlooking Boise State though. Quarterback Andrew Maxwell commented on the different looks of Boise State's defense and how there is no set base.

Boise State at number 13 on Presnap Read's countdown

It's a thorough rundown of the team and he even gives us a nod as the best Boise State coverage around.