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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-2-12

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Stewart Mandel takes a look at kickers in college football (HT: kcam)

Although last season was defined by missed kicks as much as anything else, kickers are better and more relevant these days. Programs have started to realize how important the kicking positions can be and are putting emphasis on recruiting good kickers.

Jerry Palm predicts Boise State to the Orange Bowl

He doesn't predict a record for Boise State, but I'm guessing that he has them going undefeated if they are going to make the BCS. The Orange Bowl is the last BCS team to pick this year so keep an eye on flights to Miami and Ft Lauderdale if Boise State performs to its usual high standards.

Memphis, Temple to play home and home series with Boise State basketball

The Big East promised non conference basketball games for Boise State and Sand Diego State. Memphis and Temple were selected. Of course Leon Rice is happy with the arrangement but the other 3 are worried about being locked into schedules already. I do like Leon Rice's just happy to be here attitude.