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Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 12, Retired

The first (and last) open scrimmage of the Fall takes place tonight at Bronco Stadium. Be there or be square.

We've got 12 days until kickoff...but that number has been retired, never to be worn again. Who wore #12, you might ask? Jim McMillan

#12, Jim McMillan, QB



After joining the Bronco squad from Vallivue High in Caldwell, Idaho, McMillan helmed the Boise State offense from 1972-1974. He is currently sixth all-time with 6,225 yards of total offense in his career as well as eighth all-time for a season with 3,101 yards in ’74. McMillan was a first-team All-American in 1974, and was named to the Associated Press, United Press International and Kodak All-America teams . McMillan was named All-Big Sky Conference and the League Offensive MVP in 1974, and was selected in the 14th round of the NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions.


"Jimmy Mac"



Career highlights

Threw five touchdown passes vs. UNLV in 1974. Ranks third among all Bronco quarterbacks with a 152.83 rating and had a single season pass efficiency rating of 158.46 in 1973. Passed for 5,508 yards in his career and rushed for 607.


McMillan is a Bronco legend and from all accounts, deserving of the praise that he's been given. He's also a case study in to why retiring numbers is a bad idea. McMillan may have been a great leader, a great player, and a great Bronco, but simply put: Kellen Moore was much, much better. Moore's #11 jersey, as has been widely publicized, was not retired this season and the team has no plans to do any such thing with Moore's jersey except probably put it on the short-track to the Hall of Fame. Kellen Moore put up marks that not only broke school records, but national that deserving of a number retirement? Sure it is...but it doesn't fit the Broncos "team-first" M.O. and they've already passed on the "double ones" to true frosh Shane William-Rhodes (don't you dare tarnish it, kid) without so much as a one year moratorium. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with that decision (although I find it perplexing that they refused to hand out a #1 jersey because no one "deserved" it)'s just that not retiring #11 now seems a bit odd given that McMillan's play was more than overshadowed by Moore's. McMillan didn't die young, he didn't win a national championship (Joe Aliotti gets that distinction) and he didn't take Boise State to new heights nationally like Moore did. Again, I'm not knocking McMillan's accomplishments...I'm just saying that retiring his number, while leaving so many other "greats" in circulation seems odd now by comparison. Kellen Moore's name will adorn the Quarterback's Room at the new football complex, he'll be a swift addition to the Bronco Hall of Fame, and probably be the inaugural member of some sort of Bronco Ring of Honor if they ever get around to it...his legacy is safe, is what I'm saying—even when #11 continues to be worn. McMillan will always be remembered fondly as well, but partially because he has a distinction that Kellen Moore doesn't have, and rightly should using the same criteria—that's the only lamentable thing about it, and one reason why retiring numbers is probably a bad idea. What's done, as they say, is done. So here's to you, Jimmy Mac.

Completely made up fact

McMillan wore a kilt on the sidelines to honor his Scottish ancestry.

* Stats and info for this countdown were largely gleaned from BroncoCountry's All-Time numbers team article by Rocketman5000.