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Boise State offensive linemen to watch

It's somewhat of a misnomer, the idea of watching an offensive lineman. They are the largest guys on the field and yet they get the least amount of our eyeball love. Well, if you do happen to watch a lineman or two this fall, I asked Drew and ce'sped azul to help me identify some watch-worthy candidates. Just like the QB watch list, everyone is in agreement but me. Great minds think alike, and I think otherwise.


Matt Paradis


Paradis was a favorite of mine last year, probably because of his glorious mullet and because he played eight-man football at Council High School. Besides that, he played well - really well - and he will have to play well again this year now that he is the new Cory Yriarte (with Yriarte being the new Thomas Byrd). As a former high school center, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the center position is the most important position on the football field. I think Paradis will be up to the challenge.


Rees Odhiambo


I'm liking Odhiambo's upside. In fact, I think the kid is all upside. He's only played football for a couple of years but is known as a gym rat and a quick study. Seeing him already second on the depth chart at left tackle...and possibly could be first with a good camp.

ce'sped azul:

Rees Odhiambo


The redshirt freshman was the only underclassmen offensive lineman listed on the depth chart provided for the MWC media days. That's quite an accomplishment never played a game at the college level. He also won the Ultimate Goon Award handed out by strength coach Socha. I don't know what that means, but if you win a strength award on a team with Dan Paul, Doug Martin, et al., you're doing something right. I think he'll be the #3 OT at the start of the season, but will see the field plenty, while accumulating playing time and pancakes as the season progresses.

Your turn

Which offensive lineman do you think will have a big impact this season? Who is on your watch list? Share your thoughts in the comments.