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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-14-12

Tons of detail on Dan Paul's groin

But mostly, welcome back Dan Paul! Cripe has the details on Paul's return to the field and how happy that makes him (and how sad that makes blocking sleds).

Blake Renaud gets real on the linebacker competition

"I know how to hit people - but I won't see the field much if that's all I know how to do."

It's a good start, though.

College Football Talk goes Boise State, Nevada, Wyoming in MW predictions

Reminder: Someone picked Fresno State to win the Mountain West at MW Media Days.

San Diego State names Ryan Katz as starting QB

If the name sounds familiar, it is because Katz got smoked at Boise State when he was QB'ing Oregon State a couple years back.