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The Boise State RB Rascals [Position Preview]

BOISE, ID - NOVEMBER 12:  D.J. Harper #7 of the Boise State Broncos carries for a touchdown against the TCU Horned Frogs at Bronco Stadium on November 12, 2011 in Boise, Idaho.  (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)
BOISE, ID - NOVEMBER 12: D.J. Harper #7 of the Boise State Broncos carries for a touchdown against the TCU Horned Frogs at Bronco Stadium on November 12, 2011 in Boise, Idaho. (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Boise State RB Rascals: now airing Saturdays on Nickelodeon. Don't ask me where I came up with the comparison to rascals. I will blame it on, A: loving the show The Little Rascals, and B: not thinking clearly at the moment due to a Crystal Light binge.

The Broncos have a BIG hole to fill at the RB position this year due to freshly drafted RB Doug Martin. The 1st round draft pick to the Bucs was arguably one of, if not the greatest running back ever to grace the blue. These are some big shoes to fill, but thankfully we are not short on fresh, young talent and speed. Take a peak after the jump to see what is in store for the Bronco's ground game in 2012.

(And so begins the age-old tradition of position previews. We love traditions at OBNUG. Other traditions may include, but are not limited to: Dairy Queen Blizzards, hating anything Vandal, and Spell Check. Next Up: The Racing Receivers.)

The Offenders

27 Ajayi, Jay RB 6-0 222 RFr. Plano, Texas (Frisco Liberty HS)
35 Bertoli, Charles RB 5-11 191 Fr. St. Helena, Calif. (St. Helena HS)
26 Demas, Devan RB 5-8 170 Fr. Houston, Texas (Cypress Creek HS)
21 Fields, Jack RB 5-9 194 Fr. El Paso, Texas (Americas HS)
7 Harper, D.J. RB 5-9 205 RSr. Cypress, Texas (Cypress Creek HS)
6 Hart, Jamel RB 5-9 211 Fr. West Covina, Calif. (South Hills HS)
39 Wright, Drew RB 5-9 203 RSr. Nampa, Idaho (Vallivue HS)

D.J. Harper


  • Favorite Quote: "He who hath not sun, simply can not run." -Dustin Lapray
  • Favorite Song: "Summer Girls" -LFO
  • Favorite Movie: Dodgeball. "Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge. That's what I think before every play." - D.J. Harper
List of Offenses: 2011 Rushing

115 ATT, 557 Total Yards, 4.8 Average YPC, 9 TD

D.J. Harper has received the coveted 6th year of eligibility due to his annual ACL tear on the 3rd game of the season. I sneakily used the "strikethrough" because D.J was able to pull out a full year of health in 2011. The previous two seasons were disappointing to say the least, as D.J. tore his ACL on the 3rd game of the season in two consecutive years. However, D.J. was back at full strength in 2011, but due to a certain Muscle Hamster being the number 1, D.J. wasn't needed in every series. However, to say D.J. will get the majority of carries this season would be an understatement. Either that or it would be a hasty assumption on my part; take your pick.

With over half a decade of experience, the question will not be whether or not D.J. knows the system. The questions will be: can he stay healthy? A second question may or may not be: can he get run over by the new young bucks on the squad? Wait, Coach Pete is recruiting furry woodland creatures now? Sneaky, sneaky. With breakaway, lightning fast speed, playing time will not be an issue for D.J. Look for him to be the priority back come August 31st.

Up next: Jay Ajayi

Jay Ajayi


  • Favorite Quote: "That's what she said." -Michael Scott
  • Favorite Song: "Hit me baby one more time." -Britney Spears
  • Favorite Movie: The Sandlot.. "I love that big fluffy dog" - Jay Ajayi
List of Offenses:

Jay Ajayi Full Season Highlights 2010 (via JayAjayi01)

Need I say more?

Redshirt freshman Jay Ajayi is one of the most anticipated running backs to ever come to the blue...and he hasn't even played yet. With over 10,000 views of his highlight recruiting video on YouTube, Ajayi has truly made a name for himself without ever even playing a snap for the Broncos. Ajayi also had an unfortunate knee injury last season during his redshirt, which he has fully recovered from, yet it is still worth noting. A terror in high school, running all over Texas defenses, expect Ajayi to give Drew Wright a run for his money for the number two job.

Other notable high school achievements include:

  • Having incredible predator hair
  • 2,240 yards and 35 touchdowns as a senior
  • Championship track and field runner (that means a lot in Texas)
  • Collin County Player of the Year his Senior Season

Next up: Drew Wright

Drew Wright


  • Favorite Quote: "I believe that our education, like such as in South Africa, and the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that our education over here in the US should help the US." -Miss Teen South Carolina
  • Favorite Song: "Blue..Da Ba Dee." -Eiffel 65
  • Favorite Movie: "The Goonies...I mean, what else really is there?" -Drew Wright
List of Offenses: 2011 Rushing

43 ATT, 218 Total Yards, 5 Average YPC, 3 TD

Drew Wright is the home-town hero of the Boise State running backs. A Vallivue High graduate, Drew was often the go-to guy during 4th quarter blowouts courtesy of Kellen Moore and Doug Martin. Ever diligent with the time he did get on the field, Drew did have one of the most costly mistakes of the entire year: a fumble against TCU late in the second half which eventually resulted in a loss. Regardless of the costly mistake, Coach Pete is a believer in second chances. No one is perfect, and it took a lot more than a Drew Wright fumble to lose that game for us. I suspect Drew will be in the hunt for the number two back behind D.J. Harper. Only fall camp performances will show who will be playing against Michigan State come August 31. That and an eventual depth chart. Duh.

Up next: The Remaining 4 Amigos

Jack Fields, Devan Demas, Charles Bertoli, and Jamel Hart

Pvywwfknwirdelu Rtbsrdbabmhjozi

Jack Fields and Devan Demas are two speedy recruits out of Texas (yes this has become an awesome hot recruiting territory for us) that will be coming on to the Bronco squad as true freshman this year. I expect one of them to get playing time as a true freshman, and one likely to redshirt. However, due to the unexpected nature of Coach Pete, both could play, or both could sit. Only fall practice will tell.

Charles Bertoli and Jamel Hart are two walk ons that will also be joining the Bronco squad as incoming Freshman. Both had impressive high school careers, yet were under-recruited. If anyone knows what to do with an under-recruited kid, it's Coach Pete. I expect both to redshirt as well this year. For a great write up and reference on the two new walk-on running backs, check out Kevan's recent post here. Also, check out the Fields and Demas highlight videos below.

EP GRIDIRON - Jack Fields 2010 High School Highlights (El Paso, Texas) Boise State Broncos (via EPGRIDIRON)

Devan Demas #3 RB Cy-Creek High School (TX) (via CyCreekFootball)


Even though we lost one of the most dynamic running backs in school history last year, I believe we will be able to successfully fill the void. There truly is only one Muscle Hamster, thank goodness because I don't know if I could take living in a world of ripped out rodents. But in all seriousness, those are a some big shoes to fill, but I think we have the roster to do it. Speed, strength, and insane break-away abilities will not be lacking come August 31st.

Your Turn

How do you think we will be able to fill the running back position this year? Who are your picks for number 2? Who will redshirt? Sound off in the comments....but first, another poll!