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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 8-1-12

Coach Pete talks about replacing players

And in his wise words, he reminds us that this is all part of the process and the goal is to see kids graduate and move on even if we'd like to have Kellen Moore stick around for another four years.

USC lands Penn State's Silas Redd

Redd announced his transfer yesterday. This move will makes USC very good now that they have a dynamic back to complement Matt Barkley and his receivers. This move could also make Penn State very bad since Redd is their best player and also could be the impetus for other players to jump ship.

Boise's Kristin Armstrong wins gold in Olympic time trial

She was the last cyclist out on the course as the defending gold medal winner and she put in a great performance coming in first at every checkpoint and won the race by 16 seconds. The win makes Armstrong the oldest to win the time trial.