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Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 53 Beau Martin

Close to halfway done with the countdown...I think we might just do this.

We've got 53 days until today we'll take a look at #53 on the Boise State roster—Beau Martin

#53, Beau Martin, Sophomore, DE



Height: 6'2"

Weight: 255 lbs.

High School/College: JK Mullen High School, Colorado State-Pueblo

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Martin has had a pretty good thing going lately. He was a two-year letter winner at JK Mullen High in Denver, and made those letters count—racking up 180 tackles in his junior and senior seasons as well as 25 sacks. As a senior, Martin was named first team All-Centennial League and honorable mention all-state. As a junior, he reeled in 2nd team all-conference honors. After high school, Martin moved on to CSU-Pueblo, a division II powerhouse, and played as a true freshman, earning Defensive Freshman of the Year honors and 2nd team all-conference honors after piling up 35 tackles (9.5 for loss) and 7.5 sacks. Martin transferred to Boise State last offseason and redshirted.







The Commish

Career highlights

Boise State Defensive Scout Team Player of the Year in 2011. RMAC Defensive Freshman of the Year in first season at CSU-Pueblo. 2nd team All-RMAC in 2010. All-Centennial League in 2009. 2nd team All-Centennial League in 2008.

2012 prospectus

Out of the 7 reported walk-ons that joined the team last Fall, only Beau Martin and FB Jamal Wilson are still with the team. This says a lot about how difficult it is to walk on to not only a Division 1 football team, but a Division 1 powerhouse. Walk ons go through the same rigors that the scholarship players do, but do so while trying to pay their way through college...something I'm sure most of us can relate to. It isn't easy—that's why it's so impressive what Boise State is generally able to get out of their walk-ons, most of whom—if they stick around—eventually end up on scholarship. Martin's walk-on experience appears to be headed in the right direction—he was named Defensive Scout Team Player of the Year last season—and I'd expect him to be placed on scholarship as soon as it's clear that one is available. Oh, and Martin may end up being a starter this year as well—an equally impressive feat.

We've already discussed at length what the defensive end depth chart might look like this year, and Demarcus Lawrence is the only one I've felt is a lock to start. Samuel Ukwuachu, Darren Koontz, Tyler Horn, and Beau Martin could all line up opposite him if Fall Camp goes well...and of course, someone could overtake Lawrence as well—you just never know. Horn and Koontz have experience and I'd expect them to be the frontrunners at the end spot opposite Lawrence, who will likely be backed up by Ukwuachu. The way the defensive ends shuffle and rotate, the "2nd tier" guys are sure to see the field a where does Martin fit in? I'd say he's definitely less of a hybrid-type DE than Shea McClellin was, so I'd expect him to be more of a simple rush end. He definitely has a knack for getting to the QB, and I think he and possibly Kharyee Marshall will be called on in certain situations. When you really break it down, the DE cupboard is far less bare than it appears at first glance. Martin, Koontz, Ukwuachu, Horn, or Marshall could (and probably will) all play this year, just what the pecking order looks like prior to Fall Camp is a tough call.

Completely made up fact

Beau is heir to the vast Astin Martin fortune. You're probably thinking of the car, but this is actually a small fortune that was made off the sale of a Sean Astin/Ricky Martin Christmas CD. Beau stands to make $177 (minus taxes) when he turns 21.