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Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 31, Chris Collins

One month from East Lansing, might want to get to the airport now so you won't miss your flight.

We've got 31 days until kickoff, but that number has yet to be officially assigned, so today I'll highlight one of the few remaining numberless souls—Chris Collins

#31 Chris Collins, Likely Grayshirt, LB



Height: 6'1"

Weight: 208 lbs.

High School: Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA

How'd he get to The Blue™?

By being good at the football. Collins had a ridiculous senior season in 2011 where he registered 124 tackles and 15 sacks—good enough output to land him on the All-CIF Southern Section Western Division first team and have him named Ocean League MVP. Collins had 10 sacks as a junior, to go along with 84 tackles and earned first-team all-league honors as honor he also nabbed as a sophomore. Collins had offers from New Mexico State, Washington State and Arizona.



I have no clue. His highlight video (below) seems to indicate that this is his nickname and I'm rolling with it.



Young Apollo Creed, sans mustache. RIP.

Career highlights

Racking up gaudy stats at Santa Monica HS. All-league performer 3 straight years. Ocean League MVP as a senior.

2012 prospectus

Well, since Collins is expected to grayshirt, his 2012 outlook is probably not going to look real hot. There is an outside chance that he'll be asked (or has already been asked) to join the team next week for the opening of Fall Camp, but I'll tow the company line here and just assume that he won't be joining the rest of the squad until January of 2013. When he does eventually join up, however, I think he'll be a definite impact player for the that may not even follow up his grayshirt with a redshirt season. In 2013, the Broncos' linebacker corps will be down two more players (Tommy Smith and J.C. Percy) and will need fresh depth and playmakers. Boise State grabbed a handful of linebackers in their 2012 class (Weaver, Pint, Santini, Gray)—some will be needed immediately, while others are expected to ease into their roles with redshirt seasons (Santini, for one, may not even end up playing LB). Therefore, the cupboard is far from bare, but too many question marks surround the two spots to give a clear forecast for 2013, when Collins will likely be on campus—but, I'll try anyway. MLB: Renaud, Weaver, Saxton, Vallejo OLB: Gray, Pint, Kamper/Collins, Martarano. Collins may end up being a bit more of the hybrid OLB/DE type in the long run...especially if his height is more in line with his highlight video (6'3") than his Broncosports bio (6'1"). At any rate, I hope we see Collins sooner than later, he looks like a very active defender with a great motor and good closing speed. Just what the Broncos will need in 2013 and beyond.

Completely made up fact

How to make a Tom Collins: Gin, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Carbonated Water

How to make a Chris Collins: Motor, Meanness, Speed, Lime