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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 7-3-12

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How great would it be if a 12-team playoff has been in the works all along?

That's the conspiracy theory floated by SBN's Jason Kirk who wonders out loud (with his typing fingers) if the committee-appointed pairings in the six major bowls are just a front for a 12-team playoff. One can dream. One has dreamed.

The Idaho Statesman scanned Boise State's MWC departure letter and here it is

By comparison, San Diego State's departure letter, scribbled on a napkin, read: "Later, dudes."

Don't expect any future Boise State - Nevada games (HT: dunngary)

When the Broncos beat the Wolf Pack 81-3 this season, that could very well be the end of the series, and then we can go on living our lives as if Chris Ault doesn't exist.

Worried about Boise State's travel expenses? Don't be (HT: Mike)

It is kind of you to worry, but Brian Murphy explains that the difference in travel budget could be less than $200,000, which is chump change for D1A football programs or about 45 years' worth of blogger salary.

I'll leave you with this

From an EDSBS exclusive on the furious 48 hours before Boise State's resignation from the MWC, here is BSU's list of "reasons to pick the Mountain West:"

accepts me for who I am, Vegas trips, lol Bob Davie