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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 7-26-12

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Very unlikely WAC will have football in 2013

That's what WAC commissioner Jeff Hurd said at the WAC media days. The WAC needs 8 teams but currently only has 2 and Hurd said there just aren't six teams out there ready to move up. That means that it is looking more likely that Idaho and New Mexico will have to play as independents next season. Is there are rule on how many times you can play any team in one season?

Craig Thompson not closing the door on Boise State

He said if things don't work out with the Big East, then the MWC would "still entertain" the thought of Boise State returning. It's like one of those "if it doesn't work out with the other guy, give me a call" responses when someone tries to dump you.

Athlon Sports picks 6 dark horses for the national title

And Boise State comes in at number 6. They are considering dark horses to be teams that are outside of the top 10 to start the season since the majority of national title winners come from within the top 10.

Boise State comes in at No. 24 on Yahoo's countdown (HT: NYBroncosFan)

It seems to be a little repetitive to keep reading the same things about the team, but I guess the majority of the people reading it are not Boise State fans. And if I knew nothing about the team, then this would be a pretty informative article. Although everyone is going to look foolish when Jimmy Laughrea wins the QB job and no one even mentioned him! (I kid, well sort of)

College Football Outsiders authors to hold chat today at 10 MT

Those authors would be SB Nation's Bill Connolly, former Dr. Saturday author Matt Hinton and Brian Fremeau who has this awesome college football data visualization website called BCF Toys.