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Boise State's Olympic athletes and when they compete

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The opening ceremonies of the London Summer Olympics take place tonight on NBC (tape delay coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. MT on KTVB), marking the official beginning of the gold medal pursuits of two former Boise State athletes. While you're rooting for the United States as a whole, consider throwing some fist pumps these guys' way.

Jarred Rome, discus

Rome graduated from Boise State in 2000 and was a six-time All-American with the Broncos. Since tossing discus and putting shot at BSU, Rome has moved on to starring for the U.S. Olympic team. He competed in the discus at the Athens Games in 2004, finishing 13th.

The discus qualifications take place on Monday, August 6, with the finals the following day. Coverage is available live online or not-live on KTVB.

Kurt Felix, decathlon

Just last month, Felix won an NCAA championship in the decathlon, so yeah, he's a pretty big deal. He will compete for his native Grenada, which according to a very necessary Google Maps search is located here.

The decathlon begins a week from Wednesday and concludes the following day (August 8-9). Live coverage will be available online beginning at midnight America time, and taped coverage will air on KTVB in afternoon chunks later each day.

Additionally ...

There are other Olympic athletes with ties to the state of Idaho. Bicyclist Kristin Armstrong, mountain bicyclist Georgia Gould, horse rider Adrienne Lyle, 800m runner Nick Symmonds, and America's sweetheart, breast stroke swimmer Breeja Larson. Armstrong and Larson are the first to begin their events, starting this weekend.

Your turn

Do you plan on watching the Boise State athletes at the Olympics? Any encouraging words to give them? Any advice on how to throw a discus far and how to do decathlon things well? Share your thoughts in the comments.