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The five most interesting things Chris Petersen said at his Mountain West Media Days press conference (w/ audio)

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen took the podium yesterday at Mountain West Media Days, answering everything and revealing nothing. For instance, who's going to start at quarterback? Ha, nice try, media.

He did say some interesting things, however, and I have compiled a list of the five nuggets I found most golden. The full audio of Petersen's press conference can be found below. The interesting nuggets are after the jump.

Nugget No. 1: Dan Paul's groin injury is not fully healed.

Nugget No. 2: Petersen will wait as long as it takes before deciding on a starting quarterback.

While other coaches at MW Media Days promised to make their decisions early on in Fall Camp, Coach Pete said nothing of the sort. He will not cave to peer pressure that easily.

"I think (junior Joe Southwick) did a great job in spring ball, but I think the other kids did, too. The other guys are just young in terms of knowing the system. Joe knows it very well. ... You have to give it ample time to play out in as many situations as possible. We've been lucky and the kids (in the past) have produced when we put them in there. That doesn't mean we always will be that fortunate. That's why you don't want to rush the decision.

Nugget No. 3: Petersen doubts that Boise State will wear special uniforms for the season opener against Michigan State.

Nugget No. 4: The Broncos will not be recruiting players away from Penn State, but if a Penn State player is interested in coming to Boise, they're not going to say no

Nugget No. 5: Chris Petersen has a blue and orange samurai sword that he received as a Christmas gift from staff.

Your turn

What did you find interesting in Coach Pete's press conference? Wishing we'd have an answer in the QB race sooner rather than later? Worried about Dan Paul? Share your thoughts in the comments.