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Mountain West football preseason power rankings

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Mountain West media days - the last MW media days that will be graced with the Broncos' presence - take place next week, and we will find out then how the media and coaches see the conference shaking out. It would figure that no matter how you shake it, the Boise State football team will come out on top because, well, have you seen some of the other teams in the conference? If you think Boise State has problems ...

The media and coaches will weigh in with their predicted order of finish on Monday, so I thought I would beat them to the punch. Here is how I see the Mountain West power rankings headed into the season. Share your rankings in the comments.

1. Boise State. Obvious ranking is obvious. The Broncos have questions, but they are open-book questions.

2. Nevada

3. Air Force. The triple option and Troy Calhoun combo has got to be good for a couple extra wins each year. A couple extra wins can make a lot of difference in this year's Mountain West.

4. Fresno State. Mark Anderson and I disagree on this.

5. San Diego State

6. Wyoming. A good quarterback can cure a lot of problems, so I feel a little bad for putting the Cowboys so low with Brett Smith being so good. Then again, I watched him play against Boise State last year, so I have my reasons.

[EDIT: Hawaii goes here. Don't forget about Hawaii, which is a thing I did.]


8. Colorado State. Quite the offseason that Colorado State is having.

9. New Mexico