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Boise State's past, present, and future Heisman snubs

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Boise State and the Heisman go together like pizza and orange juice - I love pizza and orange juice but no one else seems to. As such, we have yet to have a Bronco Heisman winner and we may never have a Bronco Heisman winner so long as the Broncos are considered cute and plucky by the old school media.

There have been Bronco Heisman candidates, no doubt. And there will continue to be Bronco Heisman candidates. I'd suggest keeping a form letter handy and using it as a mad lib every time a Boise State football player gets snubbed. "[NAME] deserves the Heisman Trophy way more than [NOTRE DAME QUARTERBACK]. Get a grip on reality, you [SYNONYM FOR DOOFUSES]!"

Here is a list of all the Bronco Heisman candidates I could think of, including ones that have yet to even get snubbed. Plan ahead.

  • DL Chris Wing, 1996 - 20 sacks, 33 tackles for loss, zero Heisman votes
  • Bart Hendricks, 2000 - 3,300 yards and 35 touchdowns
  • Ryan Dinwiddie, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2003
  • Ian Johnson, 2006 - 1,700 yards and 25 touchdowns, finished eighth in Heisman voting
  • Kellen Moore, 2010 - Junior year, finished fourth in Heisman voting
  • D.J. Harper, this year
  • Matt Miller, 2014
  • Nick Patti, 2015
  • Jack Fields, 2016
  • TBD son of Kellen Moore, 2035

ed's note: This post was brought to you by EA Sports NCAA Football 13, which allows you to win those future Heisman awards vicariously for all the Bronco players who deserve it. Check out the video for the game below.