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Boise State's NCAA Football 13 player ratings

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NCAA Football 13 cover
NCAA Football 13 cover

Should a video game about blogging ever assign me a blogger rating, I would be ecstatic (and I would be a 98 out of 100 in Snark). So I can only imagine the joy of Boise State players in discovering the ratings of their NCAA Football video game likenesses.

With the newest version of EA Sports' college football franchise in stores now , the individual ratings for every player in the game are now out for the world to see. I pulled a list of numbers off EA's TeamBuilder website, where you can form Boise State's roster into a team of your choosing, even one named the Churros, coached by a guy named Levan Kee, with home games played in Nampa. Or whatever.

Hit the jump for the ratings of every Boise State player.

Note: Player ratings are determined by the whims of the EA Sports team. Meatspace does not necessarily equal video-game-space. Form your opinions accordingly.

Most terrible player rating of the year (tie): Jamar Taylor and Jerrell Gavins

As a blogger, I have been highly trained to take great offense at even the slightest slight to any Boise State player. So you can imagine my internal rage at seeing the following:

  • Jamar Taylor, 64 overall
  • Jerrell Gavins, 69 overall

Yes, these players were injured for parts of last year, but the injuries did not cause them to lose any appendages as EA Sports may have assumed. These are two of the best corners in the Mountain West, yet they are rated like two 8-man football walk-ons. You just lost my $60.00, EA Sports. Oh, your game will let me put Robert Griffin on this year's Bronco team? OK, never mind. But I'm still kind of upset about that cornerback thing.

The Boise State quarterback competition explained

Joe Southwick > Grant Hedrick > Jimmy Laughrea > QB No. 12

Southwick is an 84 overall, and Hedrick is a full nine points behind him. Just the separation Coach Pete was looking for.

(Note: The No. 12 was retired by Boise State after Jim McMillan wore it back in the 70s. So, congratulations to Jim McMillan for making it into this year's NCAA Football video game, and apologies on his being ranked 61 overall.)

Matt Miller is a star, and also a teenage boy

Miller is one of the highest rated Boise State players in the game with an 88 overall rating, which makes up for the fact that his video game doppelganger looks like an adolescent version of Mitchell from Modern Family.


Among the top-rated Broncos are a few surprises. We all knew D.J. Harper and Charles Leno belonged, but how about J.C. Percy tied for the highest rated Bronco in the game? I imagine that is surprising to everyone except those who have felt the sting of a J.C. Percy tackle.

Backup guard Spencer Gerke is an 83, so watch your back, Jake Broyles!

(Upon closer inspection, Jake Broyles does not exist in NCAA Football 13, so never mind.)

Guess this Boise State player!

You have 10 seconds. Go.


The correct answer is Chris Potter who looks quite a bit different here than he does in meatspace and not at all like a Sherlock Holmes villain.


He had a run for his money from windowless-van-owner Jimmy Laughrea and meatneck ginger-peak Dan Goodale.

See the full Boise State roster

If you would like to take a look for yourself at the NCAA Football 13 Broncos, head on over to the Team Builder website, create a new team, and select the Boise State roster from the customization menu. If that sounds like a lot of work, just imagine everyone looking like 64-bit gym rats and you'll be close.

Your turn

What do you think about Boise State's player ratings? Who is too high and who is too low? Will you buy the game? Share your thoughts in the comments.