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Which Heisman winner do you wish had played for Boise State?

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the latest iteration of EA Sports' NCAA Football video game franchise hits stores and Xboxes today, and with it comes a new mode where you can recreate the career of a former Heisman winner on any team you choose. Robert Griffin could be a TCU Horned Frog. Cam Newton could be a Florida Gator. Jason White could be a, wait, I forget who Jason White was.

This new feature creates a world of possibilities for us Boise State video gamers. Which former Heisman winner would you put on Boise State?

Here are my top five choices.

5. Doug Flutie. Irregular-shaped quarterbacks are kind of Boise State's thing, and Flutie's blue collar style of play would have made him an instant fan favorite at Boise. Plus, think of all the flute puns.

4. Tim Tebow. Would it be fair to say he is the exact opposite quarterback of Kellen Moore? Might have been fun to see.

3. Charles Woodson. Repressed feelings about our cornerback depth last year? What repressed feelings? I don't know what you're talking about.

2. Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson is never the wrong answer to anything.

1. Barry Sanders. For my money, he was the greatest college running back of all time. He and Doug Martin would have found a way to make it work.

Many thanks to the gang at EA Sports NCAA Football 13 for sponsoring this post. Here is the game trailer for NCAA Football 13. Do yourself a favor and go buy it today .

Your turn

Which Heisman winner do you wish had played for Boise State? Share your pick in the comments.