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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-6-12

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Luck, winning and college football

Spencer Hall has a nice piece based on Michael Lewis' commencement speech at Princeton recently. As much as we want to rationalize away success and failure, there's a healthy dose of luck involved. Boise State has seen both sides of this in the past few years from "circus" to the missed kick at Nevada. So, as great as Chris Petersen is as coach, it's probably because of sheer luck that Boise State even has him.

Boise State to blame for turf colors?

Well, of course. We were the first. At least they were nice enough to acknowledge that Boise State's field is cool while the other ones are annoying.

Boise State decathlete training for the Olympics

Kurt Felix is getting ready to compete in the NCAA Outdoor Championships in Iowa today. Then he'll be preparing to compete in London this summer for his native country of Grenada. Good luck to Felix and can't wait to see him compete this summer.