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Who would be Boise State's permanent rival?

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The SEC announced last week a unique 6-1-1 conference schedule that preserves a rivalry for each team in the conference. America will now never be without its Vanderbilt - Ole Miss, so ... good job SEC?

The SEC's permanent rival element got me thinking: What team would I pick for Boise State if I could preserve one rivalry for eternity? Throw conference affiliation and strength of schedule out the window. On the basis of pure rivalry and hate and competition, which team would you choose?

An Idaho Vandal team that has been the hairy Esau to our noble Jacob for decades but may never beat us again as long as football is played with footballs?

TCU, what with our shared bowl experiences and contentious, competitive throwdowns, albeit a history of matchups you could count on one hand?

The Nevada Wolf Pack, who broke our hearts that one time that we do not speak of?

Fresno State and their incorrigible coach Pat Hill? Wait, what?!

A Hawaii Warriors team that always plays Boise State tough, or is it that Hawaii always plays Boise State tough in Hawaii, or was that just when they had Colt Brennan and a deal with the island devil?

To be determined / other, but probably not Cincinnati.

Which rival would you choose? There's a poll on this post, and the comments are open for discussion. Have at it.

(For the record, I would take Idaho because there is nothing quite like an in-state rivalry. Also, I'm still bitter about that Pokey Allen thing.)