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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-5-12

via <a href="">@BadWillHunting</a>
via @BadWillHunting

Progress on construction at Bronco Stadium

Chadd Cripe has an update on the new bleachers being installed in the end zones. I have to say that I love the location of the seats. They are very close to the field and sit on top of the old, ugly track. Having these to close in the stadium should really increase the crowd presence even though the bleachers only add about 4,000 more seats.

Doug Martin signs 5 year deal with Buccaneers (HT: Dothework)

I haven't seen any other terms yet, but with the new collective bargaining agreement in place, I'm guessing the contract amount is all but set. Good for Martin to get that worked out and not be an impediment to getting in practice.

Hawaii would love to be in the Pac 12 some day

Well wouldn't we all, Hawaii. Wouldn't we all.