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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-4-12

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The SEC wants the top 4 teams regardless of conference in playoff

The Big 10 has countered saying that they want a committee to determine those top 4 spots. I just want to congratulate the powers that be for take the most complicated, unwieldy route to a 4 team playoff in the history of sports. Congratulations everyone for justifying your salaries!

The future of Boise State's non football sports is in the Big West's hands

That is the statement that Boise State's Max Corbet made last week. Boise State is presumably trying to get a decision by June 30 so they can notify the Mountain West officially that they are leaving.

Conflicting views on how much the Big East TV deal will be

Those who think that the Big East TV contract will be high point to ESPN and Fox trying to grab more college football games while NBC tries to get into the the game. The flip side that people argue is that so much money has already been spent on other conferences so there won't be much left for the Big East. My gut says the money will be there though. Maybe not what the conference turned down last year, but definitely more than the MWC. Thoughts?

Maryland with a black field?

I was horrified when I read the headline, but if the mock up image is to be believed, then I kind of dig it. Bring it on Maryland!

What if college football had a draft?

Then San Diego State might have Matt Barkley. Idaho would have OL D.J. Fluker from Alabama in which case he would probably sit out a year and reenter the draft the following year.

Belated Birthdays

Happy belated birthday to current players Travis Saxton and Samuel Ukwuachu for their birthdays on Saturday.