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Boise State football's biggest weight gainers and weight losers of the offseason

The Boise State football roster has been updated online with weights and measures for all 98 players on the team (Chadd Cripe counted). Good thing for me and you, I saved the previous roster, so we can see who gained / lost what over the offseason. Pound analysis, coming at you.

Biggest Gainers

Biggest Gainers
Name Pos Ht Old New Diff
Greg Dohmen OL 6.3 262 293 31
Faraji Wright OT 6.3 275 299 24
Greg Grimes DT 6.0 268 291 23
Kyle Sosnowski TE 6.2 223 245 22
Robert Ash DL 6.3 259 280 21
Tyler Horn DE 6.5 253 273 20

Biggest Losers

Biggest Losers
Name Pos Ht Old New Diff
Chris Roberson LS 6.0 241 219 -22
Darren Koontz DT 6.3 280 266 -14
Jeff Worthy DT 6.3 289 280 -9
Jamal Wilson FB 5.11 240 233 -7
Charles Leno OT 6.4 294 287 -7
Demarcus Lawrence DE 6.3 248 241 -7

More heft talk after the jump ...

In all, 21 players gained at least 10 pounds between roster updates. Weight gain was definitely the favored form of poundage for the Broncos as you could count the significant weight losers on two hands. The full list is available in a Google Doc if you're interested.

Let's have more fun with weight, shall we? Here are the heaviest people on the Boise State football team. Muscle weighs more than fat!

Name Pos Ht Wt
Adam Sheffield OL 6.3 323
Mario Yakoo OL 6.4 320
Chris Tozer OL 6.4 315
Michael Atkinson DT 6.0 311
Joe Kellogg OG 6.3 303


  • Mario Yakoo is a true freshman, meaning look out, Earth. He has room to grow.
  • Spencer Gerke gained 11 pounds to join the 300-pound club, giving Boise State six total three-billers.
  • Michigan State has 12 300-pound players.
  • Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe and Rees Odhiambo lost five and four pounds, respectively, to fall below the 300-pound mark.

And now for the little guys.

Name Pos Ht Wt
Donte Deayon CB 5.9 155
Michael Frisina PK 5.5 158
Chris Potter WR 5.9 160
Shane Williams-Rhodes WR 5.7 160
Chaz Anderson CB 5.10 164

Three of the five on this list are true freshman who will likely bulk up a bit once they arrive on campus and find there's a Chick-fil-A. And yes, Michael Frisina is short. He has two inches the wrong way on Josh Borgman and Shane Williams-Rhodes (both 5'7").

For the record, the tallest players on the roster are three 6'5" guys: OG Jake Broyles, DE Tyler Horn, and TE Holden Huff.

Additionally ...

  • Speaking of Horn, he packed on 20 pounds of extra weight and now weighs 270.
  • Blake Renaud will be playing linebacker at 250 pounds.
  • Dan Paul gained 14 pounds, probably of pure muscle, and really is just toying with us all now. More muscle, Dan Paul? Really?

Your turn

What do you think about these weights and measurements? Who are you excited to see this fall? Share your thoughts in the comments.