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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-21-12

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BCS commissioners agree on something, a four team playoff!

I was about to be excited that something was decided upon, but then kept reading that Jim Delany says the "plus one" model will still be discussed. Hopefully that discussion goes exactly like this. However, I guess it is important that the commissioners will at least present something resembling a four team playoff to the presidents next week. There are still a lot of questions as Andy Staples brings up. The commissioners seem to favor the selection committee to determine the four teams and the semifinal games will most likely be played in existing bowls. But, we do have something that looks and sounds like a playoff, so I guess that's something.

APR standings released and Boise State comes in second among football teams

Northwestern came in first and Boise State tied Duke for second. Not bad at all. Volleyball, gymnastics, men's cross country, men's indoor track and field, women's golf and women's basketball all posted perfect scores for Boise State also.

Bronco Stadium expansion on track

KBOI has the pictures. I love how close the stands are to the end zone. Should make Bronco Stadium even louder.

College football recruiting spending, Jason Kirk breaks down the most and least efficient

Boise State comes in as the most efficient in their recruiting spending and Idaho comes in as the least efficient. There's something poetic about that. Love that Boise State's success even in this area is an enigma to Jason Kirk.

Brian Murphy asks an interesting question

But doesn't the paper company have that trademarked?