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Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 89, Connor Peters

After almost exclusively highlighting defensive lineman, we've now hit a crunchy pocket of tight ends. Enjoy.

We've got 89 days left until a Bronco storm hits East we'll highlight the player likely to inhabit that particular #89 jersey—Connor Peters

#89, Connor Peters, Sophomore, TE



Height: 6'4"

Weight: 245 lbs.

High School/Junior College: Laney College via De La Salle High School, Concord, CA

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Peters took the long route to The Blue™, but the Broncos are happy to have him. Originally a star at football power De La Salle, where he played both defensive end and tight end—Peters helped lead his squad to a 2010 state championship and earned second-team All-East Bay Athletic League honors at defensive end. His efforts also earned him All-Metro honors at DE and he was also named All-East Bay Athletic League at tight end. Following graduation, Peters moved on to Laney College where he caught 13 passes for 151 yards in 2011—earning him all-conference honors and a handful of division 1 scholarships. Peters chose the Broncos over offers from Colorado State, Fresno State, Memphis, Sacramento State, and SDSU.



Lemme explain.

(HT: Connor's Dad)


Geez...I don't know. The Punisher?


Career highlights

All-conference honors on offense and defense while at De La Salle. All-conference honors in one season at Laney. Named Laney's Outstanding Offensive Freshman.

2012 prospectus

As we enter a multi-day stretch of tight end highlightees, it's going to become increasingly clear that the Broncos have a wealth of depth and experience at the position. However, it's important to note that while every tight end on the Bronco roster is a capable playmaker, there are some that excel at one facet of the position more than others. There are some that think the Broncos haven't had a true, all-purpose TE since Derek Schouman left—and in a way, I tend to agree. We've had some incredibly productive tight ends of late in Tommy Gallarda and Kyle Efaw—Efaw was an all-over-the-field receiving threat with deceptive speed, Gallarda a blocking end that was a solid redzone threat. Gabe Linehan and Chandler Koch are now seen in the same light—Linehan the receiving threat and Koch more of a TE/FB hybrid with an emphasis on blocking. It's been hard to get a bead on the newer additions to the roster...obviously, the "receiving TEs" want to work on their blocking and the blockers want to shore up their receiving.

The scouting report on Peters looks like he may be closer to an all-purpose tight end for the Broncos, yet it remains to be seen how they'll utilize him. At 6'4" and 245 lbs., Peters is definitely one of our more big-bodied prospects at the position, and his reputation as a ferocious blocker precedes him. Will the new QB be as charitable with his ball distribution as Kellen Moore was? If so, the tight ends look to factor heavily into the game plan, and I think Peters could probably land right behind Gabe Linehan on the depth chart...of course, given the situational nature of the position, we could see certain packages that play to his strengths (height, downfield blocking, pass protection). Either way, it's safe to say we'll see Peters in 2012 as part of a 4 or 5 TE rotation—the fact that Boise State has a 4 or 5 TE rotation probably speaks to why Peters chose the Broncos over some of the others, despite our lack of a viticulture department.

Completely made up fact

Connor started a folk band with teammate Dan Paul and some gal named Mary. Their name, naturally: Peters, Paul and Mary.