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Numerical Roster Countdown 2012: Day 72, Marcus Henry

Another day, another countdown. This is, however NOT the final countdown.

We've got 72 days until today we'll be taking a look at number 72 on the Boise State roster—Marcus Henry

#72, Marcus Henry, RS Freshman, OL



Height: 6'3"

Weight: 295 lbs.

High School: Bellevue High School, Bellevue, WA

How'd he get to The Blue™?

It's no big stretch to say that Henry was one of the best O-lineman in the state of Washington last year as he raked in numerous awards and accolades and helped his team to back-to-back state championships. Henry was named first team All-State last season and also Kingco Conference Lineman of the Year after being selected to the Conference first team on offense and defense. Henry was second team All-Conference as a junior. Had an offer from Army to go along with his Bronco offer and was it was rumored that Washington made a late offer right before LOI day.



Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor, general, and amazing offensive lineman for the NFL Europa team the Rome Gladiators.



Henry looks different in every picture I've seen of him...however, in his official Bronco portrait he looks a tad like Chow Yun Fat.

Career highlights

Back-to-back state championships at Bellevue. Kingco Conference Lineman of the Year as a senior.

2012 prospectus

I think that Henry could be one of the best "true guards" that we've recruited in a long while, and now that his redshirt year is a semi-distant memory, I think we'll be seeing him quite a bit this fall. I don't know whether his propensity will be on the left or right side of the line, and I still think it'll take some doing to unseat either Joe Kellogg or Jake Broyles at the top of the depth chart—but Henry should gain some solid experience this year for the Broncos and set himself up to take a run at the LG position in 2013. Since Joe Kellogg graduates this year, I'd tend to think that Henry will line up at left guard to solidify the future of the position, so my guess as to the current depth chart would be 1) Joe Kellogg, 2) Spencer Gerke, and 3) Marcus Henry. Given all the line-up (and position) shifts that the coaches do with the line, penciling Henry it at #3 I think would still indicate that he'll receive a good amount of reps this season—there'll be some attrition at the end of the year with Faraji Wright, Cory Yriarte, and Joe Kellogg graduating and the coaching staff will need to start getting the younger guys into the line-up as much as possible to ensure that next season won't necessitate massive trials by fire. Best to let the young guys get their feet wet first and then turn them lose in a year's time. Henry's got a mean streak in him as a blocker...and I can't wait to see what he can do—something we will see this year—just not as much as in subsequent years.

Completely made up fact

Marcus is the true heir to the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune. He's currently embroiled in a lengthy legal battle with this woman:

If you don't watch Seinfeld, this one went right over your head (and also, I don't like you).