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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 6-19-12

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"Considerable progress" made in BCS talks according to ACC commissioner John Swofford

Swofford believes the commissioners will be able to present a 4 team playoff to the presidential oversight committee next week. There are still details to work out like who selects the 4 teams. Tony Barnhart is saying that support is growing for a committee. Other details include how to divvy up the money coming from the new detail. Brett McMurphy says that past performance could be how it's done. Somehow I'm guessing that "past" means your whole past and not just what you've done lately (i.e. Notre Dame > Boise State). No matter how it breaks down, college football is on the verge of a historic shift. Hopefully it is a shift that actually matters.

Boise State confirms discussions with Mountain West

Apparently Boise State's general council had some discussions with the Mountain West but refuses to release details based on employee client privilege. I would have my general counsel handle all communications if that excuse holds up. Helps keep everything under wraps. Boise State all confirmed applying to the Big West but has not applied to any other conferences.

Chadd Cripe has details on recent commits Tanner Vallejo and Chris Seisay

Vallejo had offers from Arizona, Colorado and Washington State. Cripe also notes that Boise State has 26 seniors this year so this next recruiting class could be quite large.