Hear me out...BsU to B-east in all sports and heres why....

So this is actually Jeff caves from 93.1 the ticket but I agree with what he says.....

I simply think Boise State should consider, we all should AT LEAST consider, going to the Big East (Beast) in sports other than just football. And I have no problem calling them Olympic Sports. Soccer and softball will be in soon enough. BSU Wrestling ( PAC 12) and Gymnastics (Independent) can stay out of this mess because they already have a Conference/Independence and don't need a new home. Lets look at the ISSUES:

TV $: How much is BSU worth to the Beast? If BSU is forced to retreat back to the Mountain West in football in order to house their Oly sports, how much does Beast lose? What if SDSU bags it as well? How much TV $ is BSU going to make anyway? $6 million for football only to $11 million for all sports? Does anybody really know? What if BSU takes a lower amount to compensate the basketball powers? An "inconvenience fee"? Let em keep NCAA basketball revenue for awhile or come up with a creative plan to gradually earn their way to full member revenue status.

Travel: BSU forecast $2.2 million for all sports travel in Fiscal Year 2012. Lets make it 4 million with a Beast move in all sports for 2013. Is that okay? The travel isn't that bad in football, even Coach Pete said so... and track and field, swimming and golf pretty much just play regionally and travel for a Beast Championship competition. Volleyball and basketball of course travel plenty but softball and tennis can be creative and play several Beast foes in one location over several days.

Schedule: Beast will have 18 teams playing basketball soon. Not good. Adding any school is a headache. If Beast goes to division play for the football playing schools and let the basketball only schools play by different rules, it has a shot. Okay maybe it is in the dark. If UConn and Cincinnati football benefit from BSU via football revenue then they have to share Oly sports scheduling hassles and responsibilities.

Beast EAST: Cinc, UConn, Rutgers,USF,UCF, Temple
Beast WEST: BSU,SDSU,Lou, Memphis, SMU,Houston

When Navy comes in 2015, the Beast better get BYU, Air Force or heck even New Mexico to come with them to balance it out. BYU is losing 4 WAC football games off its schedule when the WAC folds. Maybe they will be ready for a change. But imagine a BSU Men's basketball home schedule with SDSU, Louisville, Memphis, SMU, Houston and 2 teams from the Beast East division. BSU has been losing 1 million a year on Men's basketball or more. I think that schedule will solve that.

Recruiting: Kids would be jacked up to travel to these cities and play Oly sports. Most of these kids grew up in the West and have traveled to Vegas, Portland, Salt Lake etc tons of times. They would love a chance to visit the Home of the Kentucky Derby, New York, Memphis, Dallas, Houston, Philly, Tampa and Orlando. Come on.

Bottom Line? If you double your travel costs, and I bet you don't, and get back 1 million of it in Men's Basketball revenue and make all this money off TV, I SEE NO DOWNSIDE. Of course the Beast powers have to want it as bad as the Global Travel folks....

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