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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-4-12

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The NCAA is upping it's academic standards for incoming freshman and introducing a new term. Incoming GPA minimum will raise from 2.0 to 2.3 along with a set of 16 core course credits that must be completed including 10 credits before their senior years. The standards won't go into effect until August of 2015, but high school students will have to start adjusting now. The term academic redshirt comes into play for those who don't qualify under the new standards but did the old standards. These students will be allowed to receive a scholarship and practice, but not compete in games.

The Canton Rep has a nice profile of Billy Winn. Winn addresses his drop in the draft a little and acknowledges being disappointed, but said that he's excited to be a Brown. Meanwhile, Kellen Moore labeled most underestimated newcomer along with Kirk Cousins. And the reuniting of Shea McClellin and Winston Venable is short lived as the Bears waived Venable yesterday.

I believe this happened to Tyrone Crawford last year as well. Glad to know Canadian Bacon has an opportunity if he doesn't get picked up by the NFL next year.

However, Kevan has explained that away before and we appreciate SI at least acknowledging that in the article. But it's more than just comforting math.

Granted the competition wasn't that tough, but I think he would be in the top 5 across the nation.