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Freebie Friday: How does a free tailgate banner sound?

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With the Boise State football season four months away, no doubt many of you are already sketching out tailgating plans - what to wear, what to serve, how to steal that guy's DirecTV feed from the parking spot beside you. Well here's one thing you may not have to worry about: signage.

The guys at the appropriately named Banners on the Cheap website have a free custom banner that they want you to have. To win the banner, simply leave a comment on this post explaining what designs you have in mind for said banner. I'll choose a winner randomly on Monday morning.

A few notes: The winner must be a resident of the contiguous United States, for shipping cost reasons. You win up to $40 of Cheap Bannering. You have to have an email address (it's the 2000s, after all).

Other than that, the comments are your canvas. Share your banner ideas, and best of luck.