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Mountain West releases 2012 TV schedule, basically admits Boise State is its favorite

We now know where we can watch the majority of Boise State football games this fall - on our televisions, which is more than we can say for New Mexico fans. The Mountain West TV schedule came out yesterday, and the Broncos scored the most TV appearances out of all the Mountain West schools. Was it a futile attempt by Hair Herr Craig Thompson to woo the Broncos back into the loving clutches of a non-BCS football conference? Or is it just that Wyoming is so bad to watch on TV? Probably the latter.

Highlights of Boise State's television schedule include:

  • Three ESPN games, including two that would have previously been on invisible MWC networks had The .Mtn not folded.
  • BYU at Boise State has been moved to Thursday night, September 20, and will be featured on ESPN. This leaves the Broncos only five days to prepare following their game against Miami (OH), which could cause problems for -- HAHA, I couldn't get through it with a straight face, you guys.
  • Boise State at Nevada, previously scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend, has been moved to December 1. The Broncos now have a bye for Thanksgiving, so Mike Atkinson can eat all he wants I guess.
  • Ten of Boise State's 12 games are currently planned for TV.
  • The two that are not: Boise State at New Mexico and Boise State at Southern Miss. The MWC is working out a plan for the New Mexico game (Mark Johnson called dibs), and the Southern Miss game is Conference USA's responsibility.
  • San Diego State at Boise State kicks off at 8:30 p.m. MT, which is when some of us might like to go to bed. Don't judge. Most of Boise State's other games are early afternoon.

Here is the full Boise State schedule with TV dates and times where applicable. (By the way, NBC Sports Network is the new fancy name for Versus.)


Your turn

What do you think of Boise State's 2012 TV schedule? Where do you hope the New Mexico game lands? KTVB, really? You sure you want the game on KTVB? Share your thoughts in the comments.