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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-31-12

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Most conservative Big East TV deal estimate at $6.4 million per school per year

That is what San Diego State's president Elliot Hirshman said yesterday when speaking to reporters. That is still far and above the $1.2 million each school received in the MWC last year. Hirshman also hinted that San Diego State wasn't necessarily the only school pushing for Boise State's inclusion to the Big West.

Boise State athletes put up a school record 3.0 GPA for the spring semester

Good for them. Glad to see that as a whole, Boise State athletes are taking academics seriously.

Big 12 agrees to annual bowl loss against SEC

The Onion is at it again but it's kind of true. Glad Texas/Oklahoma can go out an lose to an SEC team each year.


Happy birthday to current player Michael Ames and reader typhoonblue.