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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 5-3-12

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New playoff plan alert: Things are about to get complicated

I think conference commissioners are purposely throwing out complicated ideas now to try to prove to everyone that playoffs are not as easy as everyone thinks, except they are. The Big 10's Jim Delany spoke yesterday and said they are now considering a model where conference champions in the top 6 would get automatic entry to the playoffs. Just give us a 4 team playoff and call it a day, guys.

Read why Malcolm Gladwell believes college football should be banned

Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors and then he had to go and betray me. But seriously, he brings up some great points that have been rumbling around for awhile. At some point universities are going to have to address them.

WAC officials vow the conference will not whither away

Unfortunately they did not provide an action plan. So while we wait, check out this look back at the WAC, the conference that gave Boise State its start. It's crazy how the WAC was once the scavenger and now is having its bones picked clean. Did you know that a fifth of the 125 D-1 schools once competed in the WAC? Crazy.

Questions remain for Boise State hoops in face of WAC's demise

I wonder how this will look down the road if Boise State ends up sacrificing its other sports in order for football to play in the Big East. My gut says everything will be fine and wherever the non football sports end up will work out just fine. But I do wonder what the move will look like in hindsight.

Photos from Junior day testing

We finally have captions today!

Vote to bring GameDay back to Boise

Unfortunately it looks like you have to connect to Facebook to vote. Hopefully they'll leave your timeline alone.


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