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The greatest Boise State players in the history of Boise State


Boise State's class of 2012 - with its Kellen Moores and Doug Martins and Shea McClellins - was the greatest collection of football talent in the history of Boise State University.



It's easy to don our Moore-colored glasses and our what-have-you-done-for-me-lately pants and proclaim that the latest Bronco football stars to come out of the Bronco football machine were the best of the best, peerless in their football excellence, and worthy of the man cave (or woman den) shrines we built. But are we right? Weren't there some other pretty good Boise State football players over the years? I want to say ... Doc Foreski?

Short of a time-traveled combine of Boise State greats, I have attempted, via straw poll, to find out who ranks what and where in the pantheon of Boise State's all-time best. Over the next couple weeks, I will be posting the unofficial lists of the greatest Boise State players of all time, chosen by the OBNUG editorial team and the editorial team's super friends. These lists will be definitive ... until someone points out that I forgot Jared Zabransky.

To whet your appetite until the Greatest Broncos of All Time (G.B.O.A.T.s) debut, I have a special bonus list of greatest things: the greatest Boise State uniforms in the history of Boise State uniforms. This list was not curated by a team of people; just me. You are welcome to disagree in the comments. I tend to have awful taste.

A big thanks to OBNUG reader and Big West blogger greekpadre for doing the legwork on the uni designs. His post at Mountain West Connection is invaluable.

Photo credits to, Idaho Statesman, and the Internet.

8. - 1998 home jerseys

I'm not a big fan of orange jerseys, but this one is just too smooth to hate.


7. - Anything with this helmet

Seriously, anything. I love this helmet so much.


6. - Pro Combat unis against Virginia Tech


5. - Uniforms worn during the I-AA heyday, including the 1980 national championship

Really, anything with those helmets.



4. All-white Pro Comabt unis against Georgia


3. - Gray tops, blue bottoms that Boise State wore against Air Force last year

I know. I'm the only one who liked them this much.


2. - Old school script helmet with the block jersey numbers


1. - Orange pants outfit made famous in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl